Got the girl's midsummer dresses done, but will likely wear them alot sooner.  Tomorrow, if I can find my camera, we'll go up into the canyon for pictures.  Just simple but cute dresses.  I made Mischief a size 18-24 month. . . and it's floor length.  Oh well, she doesn't mind!  I may or may not put tucks in the skirt though to raise it until she's taller.

On Sunday Mischief tried to put on the shoes I made her. . .and was dramatically upset when she couldn't get her foot in all the way.  "TOO BIG!" she SHRIEKED and burst into tears.  The tears ended as soon as she was given a different pair of shoes.

Lots of naps have helped me today.  And I'm thinking about making another skirt for Drama Queen.  Just cause Mischief isn't as cute in skirts yet.  Mr. Man really can't stand that the girls SO prefer skirts and dresses.  Mainly cause they're not exactly lady like.  Maybe I'll make some bloomers instead.

We were very frustrated this morning to find out that oh the DWS office no longer needs our birth certificates.  Back in April they interfaced with the other states, and can pull everything up themselves now.  Infact they didn't need anything now except verification of Mr. Man's VA disability pay.  So we got that copied and set to be filed and supposedly will have everything we need in 2 weeks.  I sure hope so cause this baby will he here in 4 or 5 weeks!  I'm glad they finally got to where they can get all that stuff themselves.  Especially medical records (aka kids immunizations and my pregnancy proof) since the pediatrician was able to pull up a record of Drama Queen's immunizations from the state system back when we moved here and I didn't know where her chart was!

I'll figure out what I have that can make good black out curtains tomorrow.  I may just cut the one blackout curtain we have in half since that will cover their narrow but long window.  Hopefully that will help solve the problem, thanks for all the advice ya'll!


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