In the last 24 hours. . .

I cleaned up the toy area
 As you can see the kids have played since then
 Cleaned and organized the computer desk
 Washed and dried clothes. . . .they need to be put away now. . .
 Cleaned my bathroom sink and counter
 Picked stuff up off the floor. . .needs to be vacuumed next. . .
 swept the bathroom floor and washed the bathmats
 Let the man take a nap after he spent a few hours working on finishing up the painting of the trim on the house, he does work tonight
 Cleaned the girls bathroom sink and counter.
 Swept the floor
 Swept the kitchen and wiped down the table
Washed the counters and cleaned off the microwave
 Shiny sinks!
I also weeded the back garden, hoed the front garden (not as effective, but I hit my squatting limit), hoed the weeds between the street and sidewalk, fed the kids, changed two extremely poopy diapers (one was at 1:30am) put boxes of kid clothes away, put boxes of fabric away, cleaned paintbrushes, painted about a 6 inch square of a shutter (he can't say I didn't help!), got caught up on the dishes so that the dishwasher is actually holding DIRTY dishes and there aren't any sitting out (with exception of cups, cause I'm a use one cup a day kind of person.  Houses were the cup you were using disappears into the dishwasher 10 minutes after you set it down drive me nuts!), took out lots of trash, talked to Baby Your Baby (appointment tomorrow), made a Dr. Appt, and am ready for a nap.  Or some chocolate cake.  But I have one available to me and not the other (and it's not the later).


sleepless said…
Wow, you have been REALLY ambitious !! It looks Great !
Jennifer said…
Great Job Abby! Don't overdo it though with Butterfly on board. :)
Myhouse4nine said…
I am so very impressed with what you got accomplished! yeah I know it won't happen every day, but hey it is cool to know that you could at some point! GOOD EFFORT GIRL!
Mandi said…
Holy moly, you are superwoman! I agree, don't over do it! Sounds like you have a wonderfully cleaned home. fabulous!!
Goodness gracious I am exhausted after reading that ... did you have cocaine for breakfast that day?????

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