"The insurance issue"

As my mother calls it.

That's right.  We don't have health insurance, I'm sure you've heard me mention it before.  But as of right now we have DONE ALL WE CAN.  Now it is a waiting game.  We've done everything we are supposed to for Medicaid.  Now we wait to be told, oh yes you are approved, here is your card.  I'm not ignorant to the fact that we have no money and having a baby is expensive.  Even back when we had target insurance it was going to cost us lots of money, the doctors office I was going to tells you at the second appointment, here is how much it will cost, this is the payment plan we were thinking for you, does that look like it will work?    And I did say WAS going to.  Yep, I haven't been to the doctor since March, because we don't have health insurance, and I don't want to deal with any hassle we may have had for going to the doctor minus insurance, not to mention we couldn't afford that anyway.  And guess what, baby's are born just fine even if the mother didn't pee in a cup and have her uterus measured monthly/biweekly.

So yes.  I'm on the ball with doing what I can to get insurance.  If in two weeks we hear that for some absolutely absurd reason we are ineligible for Medicaid despite being below the poverty level while employed, well then we'll freak out and well maybe we'll have an at home vbac because we obviously wouldn't be able to afford to have the baby at a hospital.  Is that risky?  Yes.  I'm not stupid.  It's not an ideal situation, but we wouldn't really have much of a choice beyond that.  It's in God's hands, alright.

So please, I'm tired of being asked daily by loving and concerned family if I've gotten insurance.  No I haven't.  I have to wait two weeks to find out.  I've done the paperwork, I've done the phone interview.  I've gone in and given them what papers they needed.  Now I wait.  The end.


sleepless said…
A do it yourself vbac at home would NOT be a smart move. Too many things can go wrong, according to other vbac mothers.
April said…
One of the jobs that mom's and dad's get is to be the ones to ask the questions that no one is brassy enough to ask because they are worried that you will not like them anymore. Trust me I've seen it with my own mom:) Love ya!!!
Julianna said…
I can't even imagine. Here in MA we have Mass Health for all children and pregnant mothers. It's like the golden ticket.

Incidentally, it's the same plan they're using for the Federal "Obama" plan.

Good luck darlin'.

And don't do the Vbac at home, it'll ruin your sheets. :)

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