Let the sleep-deprived pregnant woman take her NAP!!!

grumpy is when you lay down for a nap finally and your 2 yr old wakes up from hers with no one else hearing she's awake, so you have to wake up and get up to let her out of the bedroom. And then you lay back down and just finally fall asleep again when your husband wakes you up because he's randomly decided that 70 degrees is warm enough to go swimming and do you want to go. You pretend to fall right back asleep in hope of it really happening, when you hear your husband call out that they're leaving and your brain is functioning enough to know that he's not put sunscreen on them. So you call out to ask about sunscreen and he says he was going to look for some and put it on them when they got down to the pool. And then you wonder how he's been a parent for 5 years and doesn't realize that he needs to put the sunscreen on them about 30 min. before hand. It at least needs five minutes to soak in. . .so you get up and announce you're going with them because if he's that brilliant thus far, how good is it going to be with him and two kids at a pool. So you get changed and sunscreen and get the little one sunscreened, and discover they're taking bath towels with them because they can't "find" the pool towels. Which are kept in the same drawer they have been in for almost two years now. And you waddle down to the pool which half way to the little one decides she's walked far enough and now you have to carry her since the man and older one are already out of sigh then you catch up with them to discover that they've changed the lock and you don't have the right key. At least you can be very proud of yourself for not biting off any heads or saying anything rude/insulting/snarky in the process of any of it all.


sleepless said…
Yup..you sound like a very normal, very pregnant woman...and yes, husbands ARE that oblivious about things that are totally obvious to us !

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