Li'l sleepy head

Mischief has finally realized she doesn't have to get up just because Drama Queen got up and woke her up.  Instead she just transfers beds.  Since we solved the DQ staying up until 11pm problem (I make her fall asleep either on the couch with me sitting guard, or on her bed with me sitting guard), she's gone back to waking up around 6:45 to 7am.  Mischief would like to sleep in, thank you very much.  So she gets up, comes stumbling into my room with her blankie, and snuggles into bed with me. Unfortunately this tends to wake me up a bit too much, so then I'm trapped in bed with a sweet sleeping little girl.  I tend to lay there and wish I had a sketch pad and pencil and was in a position in which to draw the darling's adorable profile.  Instead I grabbed the camera today.


Laurel said…
I love it when they sleep, so sweet! Now, you can draw it from the photograph!

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