Midsummer preparations

I was aware enough (thanks to a blog I follow) that summer solstice is on it's way, so I have a week and a half to prepare for it.  This of course has helped inspire me with activities and things to do with the girls, much to Drama Queen's delight.  Once it warms up this afternoon we'll start on some wet felted wool balls for a summer craft, on another day we'll dye some silks to sew to the balls for tails.  Last night I began crocheting a summer crown for Drama Queen.  Mischief's crown she recieved at Easter is a cheerful yellow, so I'll likely not make her another yellow crown.  Anyway, this morning I made my first Magical Window Star!  I was afraid I'd mess up, as the beginning of the book makes it sound oh so complicated.I picked an easy level star that reminded me of the sun, and ta-da!

I used kite paper from A Toy Garden.  I'm going to make Mr. Man roll up the awning when he's back from his bike ride so this afternoon we can get as much sun as possible on it.  I used clear double sided scrapbook adhesive tape on it instead of clear drying craft glue.  Both girls have complimented it.

And here's the other two stars I just made:
 And here is Drama Queen wearing the start of her midsummer necklace and working on the chain for Mischief's necklace.  She enjoys making crochet chains, though creatively so. . .

Aren't they so very lovely and cheerful?!


sleepless said…
April said…
Wow Abby you put me to shame with all the fun stuff you do with your kiddos;)

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