Mr. Man wanted to go out and do something today, but I really have had no desire to leave the house.  It was enough for me to get the back garden watered this morning!  He went out and got me a soda and it has helped a bit.  I'm also enjoying that he took the girls to the barbecue and left me here for some me time!  Cool!
I've spent the day listening to audiobooks while sorting and putting away craft supplies.  Instead of lots of boxes of different bits all mixed together now I can find all my lace and trims in one box, and all my yarn in another, etc.  

The wind I've been expecting all day just barely arrived and it is something fierce.  Making me wish Mr. Man would roll the awning back up like I wanted.  It's so noisy when it's windy and it blocks so much light from getting into the room.    I hope my tomato plants survive this wind!  Oh!  My poor family outside in it!!  Mischief is probably loving it and freaking out at the same time.  I can just hear her, "Wind! Wind!"  And I'm sure the plates and everything are getting blown everywhere.  Not fun!  I'm glad I'm not there cause I'd be super grumpy through it, but I wish I was there to make sure the girls were okay.

A few nights ago I made the Easy Turkey Bake recipe on the back of a box of Stove Top stuffing mix.  Macey's had been clearancing them for some unknown reason, so I picked up 4 boxes at 50 cents each.  I love stuffing but don't normally buy it.   Anyway, we had that for dinner, though I used chicken in place of turkey and peas in place of the broccoli because it turned out we didn't have any in the freezer.  It was a big hit!  I was afraid it would be bland and I'd have to douse it with hot sauce or seasoning salt to eat it, but it was really good.  Drama Queen enjoyed it and Mr. Man had seconds (rare!).  Mischief ate out all her peas and had two bites of the stuffing.  

On ebay I listed the cloth diapers we haven't been using, I'm looking forward to using a portion of the money to buy that popsicle book.  Until then I've been hunting google blogsearch for popsicle recipes.  Tonight I'll make some banana blueberry popsicles with flax seed meal mixed in for an extra boost.  I wish we had some kale or spinach to throw in, as the recipe I'm using includes it, but we don't.  I need to plant some next year.  I love greens, I don't know why I didn't think of them.

Speaking of the garden, more bean plants have sprouted as well as either some edamame (soy beans) or okra.  I didn't label the back garden very well.  I'll brave the wind and get some pictures right now. . . .
The lettuce has doubled in size since last week.  I'm looking forward to some fresh home grown salads!
Out front we now have FOUR squash plants!!  Two of the seeds I planted finally sprouted.  I'm really hoping one is a patty pan or that the patty pan will end up sprouting and producing.
I made no space for winter squash this year.  As yummy as it is, I'm the only one who eats it.  Infact we still have two butternuts left from last year's harvest.  I really love how long and well they store for!!

Okay I need to get back to cleaning up.


sleepless said…
such cute little plants !!! yay you!

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