On Saturday we went over to my brother's house to add some stuff to their yard sale.  The girls loved a chance to play at their cousins house (they have a trampoline).  It was funny because in the morning  when I informed Mischief that we were going to Uncle Nathan's house she immediately asked, "Hannah?"  Yes, Hannah will be there.  The entire drive there she kept repeating her cousin's name.  It seems she has a favorite!

I made a whole $4.25 at the yardsale! Woo!

Drama Queen decided to sing lots of songs and play the "guitar" while we were there.
That evening we had a birthday party to go to at a local park.  Pizza, cake, ice cream, friends to play with, swings slides. . .It was a great evening!


sleepless said…
How fun for you all!! cute matching sisters...I like the same fabric but different styles !

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