Pregnancy Brain

My brain is just not working today.  I've been having alot of pregnancy insomnia the last week so I'm pretty sure that has something to do with it.  That and the summer heat has finally arrived.  Thankfully I found one fan cord today, so that's a delight to have air circulation in the big room.

I couldn't think of anything to make for dinner.  I had no desire to cook and make the house hot(ter).  So I opened the fridge and hoped something would jump out at me, and it did, though not literally.  I gathered up a bunch of ready to eat things and threw them on a plate together for the girls:
 We call it mouse food.  Cause it's lots of little nibbles.  Carrots and ranch dressing (Annie's natural. . .I'm not impressed, but hey it was clearance.)  Grapes and blueberries (thanks Aunt Mary!), string cheese, saltines, and turkey dogs, as well as a little bit of yogurt.
 As for me. I had almost the same thing, but I threw it all into the blender.  Milk, yogurt, grapes, banana, blueberries, carrots, strawberries, broccoli, honey,  wheat germ, flax seed meal and a handful of sugar.
 Couldn't even tell the veggies were in there!  I filled my cup (well Mr. Man's mug) and there was enough left over for two popsicles.
Today started early with my going to help set up the Free Sale a gal in the ward has annually.  Took some of my stuff over for it as well.  I ended up bringing home a few shirts for Mischief as well as two pairs of pants for Drama Queen that look brand new and will be put up until school starts in the fall, and a few baby girl items.  Not that this child really needs clothes.

Then we went up to Salt Lake for lunch with Mr. Man's family.  His cousin is in town with her parents and husband and tiny new baby.  Okay the baby is a month old now, but she's still so tiny!  I was pleased to share some pettiskirt love with them.

And. . .ummmm. . ..the end.

Or not quite.

I'm about halfway through Taming the Spirited Child. . . .and I've realized that it's alot of work.  Because I'm going to have to figure out how to use the techniques on myself and my husband before we can even attempt them on the kids!

In other news. . .when they re-did the roof, they stole the fan from above the stove.  Blank looks and thoughts of "what the. . ." are welcome.  Anyway, it now gets really hot in the cupboard up there.  So hot that it turned into a very bad place to keep the fruit snacks.  We how have lots of little bags of "all natural" gummy lumps sitting in a drawer in the fridge.  Mr. Man just discovered them and thinks it's hilarious.  If only the girls were so impressed.

My back has finally begun hurting, constantly.  I just have to remind myself it's just a few more weeks.  I need to get all the baby linens washed in the Rockin' Green.  Good thing I've sucked at cloth diapering this year or all the Rockin' Green would be gone and we'd have no baby friendly detergent.  But the bag is nearly full.  I just need to get organized. . .


Jennifer said…
sounds like a lovely dinner and full of goodness :)
April said…
I'll call them tomorrow and have them come find that vent area;)

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