So today we were about ready to head out to get some stuff taken care of in hope that my passport would be acceptable in place of my birth certificate. . .when i checked our bank account online and discovered that California FINALLY processed the check to pay for mine and Mischief's birth certificates.  It's been at least a month since I mailed it.  So then we were like okay, do we still go in now and have to go back again when we recieve Mischief's birth certificate, or do we wait two days to see if this means they've mailed the certificates and go in when we have it and thus have everything taken care of all at once?  UGH!  We decided to wait until Thursday and if they don't arrive on Thursday we'll go in on Friday and just have to go in again when M's proof of citizenship arrives.  Lame.

Today I got three loads of laundry washed and dried AND put away.  I also got the tv room vacuumed which it so needed as Mischief is akin to the Peanuts Gang's Pig Pen except she seems to ooze food crumbs rather than dirt.  It really makes no sense since the child does not eat.  Really.  Today she ate maybe 12 crunch berries (cereal pieces), two pieces of watermelon, 3/4ths  of a hot dog, 2 tablespoons of ketchup, half a hot dog bun, 4 bites of apple, 8 ounces of milk, and about 3 cups of orange Kool Aid.  I don't like filling my kids up on Kool Aid, but I realized they really weren't drinking much last week, and their very rosy cheeks gave away their dehydration.  We're out of nutrition drinks, I'm looking forward to being able to get more so we can at least get calories in her.  I want to find some good popsicle recipes because I think she'd be will eat them.  I know Ice Pop Joy is supposed to have really good and all encompassing recipes, but it's fairly new so the library won't have it.  Ginny at small things is where I learned about it and she says "This book has so many creative and healthy recipes: popsicles containing everything from tofu to quinoa in yummy frozen combinations that kids will eat!  "  
I recall tales of one of my brother's going on a food strike at this same age where he would only eat cookies so my mom started cooking everything into cookies, cause so long as it looked like a cookie, he'd eat it.  I suspect it's the same sort of thing with Mischief.  The only foods she actually asks for are "nana" (banana) and "hot dog".  Infact hot dogs are the only meat she will eat lately.  

Okay, to bed to bed.


April said…
Just remember everything is closed on Friday so you might want to go Thursday:) Good luck!!
sleepless said…
tricky kids ! tricky Calif.! tricky life ! good luck !

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