The sun going down late is killing me.  I love the sunshine, but the girls don't fall asleep until 10pm (if I'm lucky, two nights ago they were up until 11pm).  Their bedtime routine hasn't changed, just the amount of light in their room. It means one girl is up with me until 9:30pm or 10pm, and the other has spent around 3 hours playing in their room instead of falling asleep.  It's all i can do to not pound my head on something the entire time.  I get no wind down time for myself unless I stay up until at least midnight, which I've been doing which then results in me not getting enough sleep.  Even Mischief who's always been awesome at sleeping when she's tired is awake and playing that long.  There are no toys in their room or anything!  I don't know what to do besides put on an audio book to listen to so I don't hear them and want to throttle them.  DQ has lost many priviledges and toys and it doesn't phase her at all.  I've finally broke Mr. Man of trying to spank her because that does nothing as well.  And Mischief wants to be doing whatever DQ is.

I stayed home from church today with a sore throat and cough and stuffyness and ended up throwing up in the afternoon as well.  I'm just done.  So done.  Waiting for my grits to finish cooking so I can eat them and go to bed.


Anonymous said…
Do people in Utah really eat grits? Where do you get them? I thought that was purely a "Southern" thing.
3rdtimeMom said…
I can't speak for the whole state of Utah, but I'm in Utah and I eat grits. They sell them at the grocery store. I get Quaker old fashioned grits and cook them forever with a touch of seasoning salt until they're nice and creamy.
Laurel said…
1. Does it really bother you if they stay awake as long as they stay in their room? Is it just the noise?

The reason I ask is that it does not bother me, my kids go to bed with lots of books and Natalie has stuffed animals, Matthew has balls and sometimes even a magnadoodle. My rule is that they have to keep the light off (they each have a nightlight), they have to keep relatively quiet (Natalie will often sing to herself or tell herself a story and that's OK) and they have to stay in their beds. If they do those things then I just trust that they'll fall asleep eventually.

2. What about making them some black out curtains. I know you just made them some pretty ones, but you could make some really heavy dark ones for them and put them behind the pretty ones, or attach them as a liner.
3rdtimeMom said…
Well i don't want them wandering the house wihtout me up, so I have to stay up until they're asleep even when I'm ready for bed at 8pm. I think that's why it bothers me so much. And they do play loudly.
Freth Stifter said…
Blackout curtains backed with something thick and dense ... or foam panels that cover the windows (Home Depot or Lowe's). Darkness will reign ... for going to bed early and not getting up so early. Maybe.

None of those new-fangled instant grits!
Mandi said…
I was also going to suggest black out curtains. While I stayed at my moms for a week, the huge windows made the room so bright in the mornings very early (they usually sleep until between 8-10 am) and they stay up late too bc of the sun going down late. by the 3rd night we put up black out curtains. my mom bough them cheap at walmart but you can make them too. Anyway, the kids started sleeping at their normal time and slept in each morning too! Leighton slept in until 1030 one morning! good luck!

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