This morning started with an email that was supposedly from the IRS, but I determined it was spam due to it's saying our tax return was not accepted/recieved (we recieved our return months ago) and due to the fact that our address wasn't the only one in the To: or the CC:  so no, I didn't open the attached document.

The other non junk (okay well the only one after that determination) was from myCase which I logged into and discovered that. . . .WE'RE OFFICIALLY APPROVED FOR MEDICAID!!  Drama Queen will only be on until the end of the month as CHIP coverage ends at age 5, so I'm calling the Ped. office today to see if we can get her in ON her birthday next week for the kindergarten physical/immunization.  Mischief and I are covered and it was interested to see that they've determined we are in the 133% of the poverty level.  I don't think we're that poverty stricken, but if they want to, OK!

We'll have to wait for the official Medicaid paperwork to arrive, but I'm hoping that means we don't have to pay a co-pay cause we don't have co-pay money.  Though I just remembered we DO still have money in our flex-savings Health Account.  Makes me so glad we went with the HSA plan last year when we did qualify for Target's health insurance.  All the premiums we paid didn't just disappear, they're in that account and we can still use it.  Hurray!!
I'm doing my best to wait until 8am my time to call my mom and tell her cause then it will be 7am her time, and I think anyone who calls outside the hours of 7am to 7pm should be shot, so I'm not going to be one of those people.

We are still on top of keeping the dishes done!  Our sinks are still clear, they need a wiping, as well as the counter, this morning, but Mr. Man and I are thrilled that we're keeping on it.  It's nice to have a clean kitchen.

I'm very super excited that in one week will be super happy wonderful family togetherness, as my parents and siblings and their families all converge here in Utah.  And then in two weeks. . okay maybe three, I'll be having a baby!  I'm trying to make sure I have stuff gathered for a newborn photoshoot before hand.  So today I'll likely be distracted from things like cleaning and laundry by browsing photographer webpages for ideas.  I'm so fat this pregnancy that I have no desire to do a maternity shoot.  I dread getting on the scale at the doctors office.  I mean I have NEW stretch marks.  I've already had two babies.  I got no stretch marks with Mischief, she just took advantage of the ones that Drama Queen had already provided.  But not Butterfly.  Nope, she wanted to leave her own mark. . .on my THIGHS.  From groin to knee I have a lovely railroad track of red lines and a few even down my calves.  Ick.

Ummmmmmmmm.  Okay, turning on my audio book now and browsing newborn photoshoots.  Mischief is on the floor next to me playing doll house (her FAVORITE) and DQ is in the TV room watching Curious George and coloring in a new coloring book from Aunt Mary (Thank you!!).  I'd take pictures if I could remember where I set my camera.  Maybe it's in my purse.  Yep.


Laurel said…
I am glad you didn't open the attachment of the fake IRS email. :)

I seem to be using emoticons a lot lately.

Anyway, now you can really relax about having the baby. That is wonderful!

I have a sad story about being fat, and the story is that I am. My baby is six months old and I still haven't lost any weight, not any. I am still wearing my maternity pants. I had promised myself not to worry about it until she was 9 months old, but its hard not to.

You should do a maternity shoot anyway, isn't this your last chance?

What book are you listening to?
sleepless said…
YAYYY on the medical help !!! Thanks for sharing the photo of the girls !...the stretch mark photos..thanks for sharing,not so much. Have a fun day !
Freth Stifter said…
Those are special fotos ... NOT?!
Burnhams said…
talk to a doctor about those red marks. they could be bad. you wont get any type of medical after age 5 even though you are in that low of a braket?

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