Though Mr. Man didn't really want to, since HE had not seen proof of it, he gave in and went to Krispy Kreme with his ugly tie.
No, I'm not speaking jibberish.  Apparently our local Krispy Kreme gives you a free dozen glazed donuts in exchange for an ugly tie.  At least until Father's Day. I don't know when this deal started, but oh am I grateful.  It's been so long since we've had food I didn't have to make! Or that Mr. Man didn't. I should give him some credit, he made dinner twice this week and breakfast twice as well.  His friend Josh was willing to go with him, as his wife wanted donuts too, so that's what got him to finally do it.  And I wasn't lying, he came home with a free box of donuts.  Of which Drama Queen ate 3 and I ate 5.

I have grand intentions of whipping out a bunch of cute clothes today and tomorrow (mainly skirts as they are fast) to sell this week on facebook or etsy.  If I do a facebook auction, chances are I'll have a faster turn around than waiting for stuff to be found on etsy.
I was going to list all our 18 inch dolls on ebay, but discovered they have the signs of having been mauled played with by a 4 yr old.  Namely very matted hair.  Only the one I didn't let her play with is in sellable condition.  I'll likely still try though. At least the clothes should sell fabulously.
You do what you can to earn money, eh?
I'm also going to go through my fabric and scrapbook stuff to list on ebay.  Every little bit helps.

Mr. Man is off on a bike ride now.  He's been riding his bike daily for about the last month.  I'm glad.  He does so much better when he has exercised.  He's planning to do a century ride this August.  This week he did a 35 mile ride in 2 hours.  Down to Provo Temple, up to the Mt. Timpanogos Temple, and back around by the lake.  There are two guys from church he sometimes rides with.  I'm kind of jealous.  I'd love to escape on a bike.

As for me, I'm trying not to crawl back into bed.  It's just one of those days I don't want to deal with life, but don't have a choice.  I will definately take a nap when Mischief does today.  The girls and I will probably paint later.  I was going to do enchiladas for dinner, but Mr. Man used half the meat for breakfast this morning, so now I'm going to need to come up with something else.
Well.  Back to sewing.


Julianna said…
I have an ugly sofa.

How many donuts do you think that is worth?
sleepless said…
What a cool thing for Krispy Kreme to do !!
Jennifer said…
Let me know when you post things to sell :)

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