Today we went for a drive in Provo Canyon.  Mr. Man wanted to show us the route he takes on his bike.  It was very pretty and I have plans to make the girls some super cute outfits and go take pictures before the green goes.  I absolutely loved the ranch up there that rather than the ranch name hanging at the gate, there's simply a sign saying "Go Away".  I told Mr. Man that's the one I want when we're rich.
We stopped and played at Vivian Park briefly.  There was a cold wind blowing that we weren't prepared for.  On the way home, Mischief proceeded to show us she gets car sick and then fell asleep before we reached the house.  Mr. Man stripped her down to her diaper and wiped her face and we let her take her nap that way, giving her a bath when she woke up.
I didn't have my camera with us for any of that.
I am tired, being up late last night and then didn't sleep well.  Mischief is still up so I can't go to bed yet.  I really wish I had energy because I want to sew.  I did make a cute headband to go with the skirt I'm working on finishing for Drama Queen.
Feeling kinda lonely still some more.  Think it's part of the depression.  Or sleep deprivation.


sleepless said…
Sleep would solve alot !

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