Truth is. . .Thursday

Truth is. . .I have a bone to pick with my husband when he gets up.  He pulled all the clothes from the dryer and left them on the floor in front of it, pulled some of the clothes from the washer and put them back in so they weren't really in it, and left it open with a pile of nasty stinky dirty kitchen rags on the edge of the washer.  If I hadn't been paying good attention I'd have tossed those gross rags in the dryer with the wet stuff!

Truth is. . . while I'm happy Mischief ate a popsicle this morning, it's almost all things she'd have eaten anyway.  Blueberries, banana, strawberry yogurt, sugar.  The only things in it she'd turn up her nose to were the milk and flax seed.  I'm looking forward to adding vegetables, grains, and tofu to popsicles!  Though the next batch I plan to make will be red bean and pineapple, I found a recipe online.  It's not uncommon to find red beans included in desserts in Asian cuisine, so I'm sure this will be tasty.

Truth is. . . I'm irritated that Mr. Man didn't get the second job he said he would for the summer.  I'll be listing more stuff on ebay so we can try and get bills paid on time this month.

Truth is. . .the only way I got Mischief to stop being little miss nudist this morning was by getting her into a "lala" shirt.  Thanks mom for the Tangled shirts for her!!  If it's not a dress or skirt, which are both a "lala", then whatever she wears must have a "lala" feature.  A princess, ruffles, lace, something sparkley.  Yes she's getting girly.  And yet at the same time is our rough and tumble little girl.

Truth is. . . .I don't know what to eat for breakfast!  I don't want a popsicle or cereal.

Truth is. . . .last night I got the toy area cleaned up enough to play. . .and so Mischief came and did so before bed, and it's a disaster again.   I don't feel like cleaning it again right now.

Truth is. . . .I'm going to go empty, load and run the dishwasher, get a big glass of soda pop, maybe soft boil some eggs, then continue in my task of getting the living room cleaned up.  You can see scattered patches of floor now, so there is hope in sight!  I love nesting.

Truth is. . .I have a Music Maker. . .aka a lap harp. . .while cleaning yesterday I discovered the paper that came with it and lists all the music packs you can order to go with it, and am thoroughly entertained that they have a pack listed as "Family Home Evening (LDS)".  That's one I want!  Okay I actually would like a lot of the sets.  I'm looking forward to using it for circle time with my girls once we have space to have circle time again.  (so if you have us for Christmas feel free to get me some more music for it! It came with Christmas #1 and Children's Favorites #1)  Mischief calls it my "sing".

Truth is. . . I even got the bread machine going!  I've been wanting a peanut butter sandwich.

Truth is. . .I'm super excited to discover Sunflower Markets accepts food stamps.  We're going to be eating good soon!!  No more ramen and mac n cheese! (we hope).

Truth is. . .if anyone calls today, they'll get our answering machine because Mr. Man has a habit of not putting the phone back in the cradle and so I don't know where either handset is.


TopHat said…
We have a lap harp too! They're fun. :) And good luck with the bread machine and Sunflower Market!
Julianna said…
truth is... it seems that Mr. Man is in a whole heap of trouble. :) is almost hubs....
Kira =] said…
We love google voice for when we can't find the phones. i can at least then check my voicemail in my e-mail and call someone back from my gmail.

Yesterday I found one of the phones in our big locked shed outside. Had to be me that did it, but I don't remember that.

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