Truth is. . .Thursday

Truth is. . .I've been outside twice today!  that's quite a record for me.  I dislike the smell of sunscreen and so avoid activities that require wearing it.

Truth is. . .we have A PEA POD!!  That's right, one pea pod.  I'm so excited.  If a bug or animal steals it I'll be so mad.  It's about two inches long.

Truth is. . .I've been in my pajamas all day.  I decided it's a pregnant lady's prerogative.  I admit I don't know precisely what that word means, but assume I use it right.

Truth is. . .I made a menu and grocery list for what I'm calling our first week on SNAP.   Whether we actually end up on it or not (though I'm sure we will.  And btw SNAP is what Utah calls it's food stamp program).  Nothing super elaborate, though a few new recipes.  The main excitement of my menu is the plethora of produce.

Truth is. . .Mmmm. . . .I'm at a loss for things to say today.  Though I'm quite proud that I remembered it's Thursday!

Truth is. . . I got a skirt steak at Target on Monday.  And had to look online what to do with it.  I then learned that a skirt steak is the cow's diaphragm muscle.  A very tough cut of meat.  Huh.  No wonder I got two pounds for $3.  Anyway I found a recipe for grilled skirt steak on and we used it for our bring your own meat barbeque last night.  OH. MY. GOODNESS!  DELICIOUS!  Amazing.  And we didn't have the balsamic vinegar it called for so I used what we had left of the red wine vinegar (about a teaspoon) and made up the rest of the half cup of vinegar with apple cider vinegar.  Worked just fabulously.  Though I'm sad our dollar store up here doesn't have balsamic vinegar like the 99 cents only store in California.  It's not a bad balsamic there either.  Not one you want to dip your crusty bread in, but good enough for cooking.  And it fit in the cupboard unlike the expensive (and amazingly delicious) balsamic vinegar I got at William Sonoma when I was a newly wed.  It had to sit on the counter cause the dumb bottle was so tall.

Truth is. . . I need to put the other cut of meat I got at Target into the freezer as it is at it's best by date today, hence why I got them so cheaply.

Truth is. . .though we have played outside with water balloons and in the sandbox and picked flowers and weeded the garden, the kids have mainly watched tv today.  I'm okay with that though.  They didn't watch too much yesterday.  And Drama Queen did play through Mischief's nap.

Truth is. . .This is what Dempsea does all day. . .

Or at least it's what he does once Mr. Man hooks him up outside.  Which is anywhere from 6am to 1pm. And he usually stays out until about 9pm when Mr. Man takes him for a run.


Julianna said…
Truth is... had you not written this, I too would have forgotten it was Thursday. :)

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