Truth is. . .Thursday

Truth is. . .I spent about an hour on the phone yesterday going back and forth between the Department of Workforce Services and the Horizon card Help Desk because our ebt card wouldn't work.  In the end we went to DWS for a new card and. . . .it's not working either so I get to do it all over again today.

Truth is. . .Mischief joined me in bed around midnight.  And I got no sleep as she thought she needed to be pressed right against me and rubbing my face.  I ended up on the last 8 inches of the mattress when I decided I was done.  Thankfully it was at least 5:45am.  That's almost a decent time to getup.

Truth is. . .I don't want to deal with anything today.  Unfortunately that's not an option.

Truth is. . .I realized yesterday that we have like 3 weeks until this baby is here!  Need hunt out some things. . .
Truth is. . .I may need a nap before 10 when I have a visiting teaching appointment.

Truth is. . .Mr. Man has been thinking!  Yesterday he shared with me that he is still thinking that he'll be a P.E. teacher, yes we'll never be rich, but by golly he finally has an educational goal!  And then last night he told me he'd been thinking that our dog owning is about done because he's come to realize that when school starts this fall he is not going to have time enough for a dog.  That when it comes down to it he'll have time for the kids or time for the dog and his kids come first.  So as soon as we have gas in the car and $25 to take Dempsea to the shelter, he will.

Truth is. . .I am proud of how well I contained my joy at his news.

Truth is. . .I put Mischief down for a nap.  She was cranky and even crankier when I told her she needed to play and couldn't watch another show.  So she asked for "num num" which is what she gets with bedtime.  That's right I'm rotting out my kid's teeth by giving her milk spiked with ovaltine at sleeping times.  It's where she gets majority of her daily calories.

Truth is. . .if it weren't for Mischief bursting into tears three times over the course of three hours, I'd put off calling on the ebt card until tomorrow.  But she really really really wants a banana.

Truth is. . .how is it that little girl nails get so dirty.  I just trimmed Drama Queen's nails and all I can say is ew.

Truth is. . .I'll try to think of some happy-go-lucky truth ises while I'm visit teaching, cause none are coming to me right now.


Myhouse4nine said…
Sorry miss abby, but think how much better you are getting at dealing with phones and people, even pregnant and frusterated. Good Job!
Jessica D said…
josh has his pedisure before he goes to bed....he finishing drinking it and then drops the cup where ever and then falls asleep. i feel slightly better that he doesnt fall asleep with it in his mouth.....they need their calories, let them have it :)
sleepless said…
I think you may have gotten your "Lack of love of phones" from your mother !!
Julianna said…
I wish I could find a home for the cat... but he's already done 2X in the shelter and I can't bear to do it again to him. All his hair falls out.
Laurel said…
Yay for no dog! :) Is that mean?

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