View from Squaw Peak Rd.

Mr. Man LOVES cycling.  He was big on cycling (and in fact worked at a bike shop) when we got married, but has only been doing it casually the last 5 years.  Until this spring when he discovered friends at church to ride with.  Now he rides a few times a week at least, though I prefer if he rides daily.  He recently discovered riding in Provo Canyon and has been doing that at least once a week.  Yesterday he took the camera with him to get a picture of the view.  He didn't go as far as usual, but still got quite the pictures.  First picture shows the road he cycled up.

In other news I don't know how or why he doesn't freak out when his paychecks aren't large enough to pay the bills.  I don't know which erks me most.  Not being able to pay the bills, or his seemlingly lack of desire to remedy the situation.


Laurel said…
Beautiful view!
Freth Stifter said…
Aunt Arline says something about the same when Uncle doesn't really know how much he's making ... or when she thinks he really needs to go out and get another job! :-)

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