Wednesday Barbecue

For tonight's BYOM (bring your own meat) barbecue we did elk burgers.  We brought chips to for our side dish to share.  Despite the ominous clouds there was an awesome turnout .
Mr. Man rode over with the kids while I finished gathering our food goods to go.
While Mischief prefers to play by herself, Drama Queen LOVES having all those kids to play with!  There ended up being at least a dozen little kids running around.

It's fun to see what people have for their entrées.  We grilled some pineapple as well.
Someone provided those massive campfire marshmallows.  Mr. Man roasted one up for Mischief.  DQ wanted hers not mushy.  Mischief wouldn't pick it up, but rather would dip her finger in the gooey whiteness.
M has a new thing she does.  When she's sad or angry or simply undelightful we tell her she needs to be happy or she can go sit in her room until she is.  Sometimes she'll immediately go walk to the girls room and sit down on her bed until she's ready to come out and be happy, but one time she stomped her foot and declared with a scowl, "HAPPY."  No you're not happy we told her, to which she shrieked, "I HAPPY!!"  I told her her face was not a happy face.  She has since come up with a happy face and will on occasion randomly announce "I happy."  I then ask to see her happy face.  And this is what her happy face is.  If she's willing to preform and you ask to see her happy face, this is what she'll show you.
Yes, that's right.  What daddy dubbed last year as her "I EAT YOU" face is now her "happy" face.  It always makes us crack up, which in turn makes her laugh and actually be happy.


Sleepy said…
Funny kids. I can't wait to see them again!!
sleepless said…
Lovely hippo happy face. It is normal for almost 5 year olds to play with others and younger to want to play alone.

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