Sunday, July 31, 2011

Hazel Mae snuggle in her blankie while Mommy watches The Music Man and folds laundry.  Safe on the floor right now since sisters and daddy are at church!

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Today we struggled.  By we I mean the kids had to deal with me and I was having a hard time being happy and/or nice.  Even a nap didn't help so Mr. Man sent me to the store for some caffiene, and that did work.  I'm not angry at the world anymore.  I'd like to work on folding the clean laundry, but Hazel has other ideas for me.  Like holding her.  And holding her.  And holding her some more.  She just wants to be held and sleep.  I'm okay with that up to the point of wanting to feel productive and sorry this just doesn't feel productive to me.  That and I'm hungry.
Mischief had a long nap from 2-5pm so I'm fairly certain she'll be up until midnight at least.  Mr. Man has now gone to bed.  He's worked almost every day this week both at Target and over at his occasional job.  Shoot, my milk meter just went off and I don't have any nursing pads in aka I'm now a fountain.
I tested  Hazel's milk tolerance today and we have an affirmative that yes, she, like her sisters can not handle my having dairy.  She threw up within 20 minutes of nursing my "tainted" milk.
Here she is looking "fruitish" (DQ's description of her) before she threw up all over the both of us:

Hazel and I laid in the backyard for a bit today.  I pulled all the radishes from the back garden.  The cucumbers won't have their protection now, but they were hiding the fact that we HAVE cucumbers on the cucumber plants!  So I may end up with half a dozen home made pickled cucumbers.  Ya.  We've got nothing to can this year for sure.  Thankfully the neighbor has been providing us with cucumbers and zucchini.  Their peppers and tomatoes aren't doing much better than ours though.  Next year I'll be planting a whole lot more peas, beans, beets, carrots, and cucumbers.  I may try edamame again (we do have a few pods on the plants) but am not going to do lettuce, kohlrabi, or okra.  The okra does have a few blossoms it's working on, but I think I'll just find a grocery store that sells canned okra in tomato sauce and pickled okra.  We don't eat the lettuce fast enough, and kohlrabi is fun, but I'd rather have more beans.
Ava still hasn't made it on her potty yet.  part was due to her having to go while I was outside with Hazel.  Ava stood at the doorway crying to come out too, and I told her I could, but apparently she's afraid of the screen door, and so wouldn't open it and ended up having an accident there.  joy.  I tried to m ake her cute and there for more likeable today. . .didn't change her new habit of growling at us when we tell her something she doesn't like (such as "stop yelling"):

Hazel just let me lay her on the couch (not without complaint) and is asleep, so maybe I can go have some food. (yes, had a bowl of cereal)

And yesterday I decided to start treating Mischief's sore spot (aka the "diaper rash" she's had for over half a year) as eczema, spent and frightening amount of money on products to treat it (aka therapeutic moisturizing cream, a different brand of hydrocortisone than we were using, more triple antibiotic ointment, and benadryl cream) but it's worth it because the combo of various turns with those items (a different one plus the moisturizer each diaper change) and letting her air out for an hour or two each day has helped (yes I know it's only been two days.  But the difference is enormous.  Here's how it looks now:
I can't find the before picture, but my mom will at least appreciate how much better it is looking.  It had been bright red and moist and sore and dry and scaley at the same time.

Friday, July 29, 2011

potty chair

Mischief's chosen potty.  It comes in pink too, but she told me the pink one was for Drama Queen and the green/blue one for herself.  Mischief loves this potty chair.  She would sit all day on her froggy if she could.  I also picked up some Carter traning pants. . .infact all three packs they  had at Walmart. . .but will probably return two of them because she couldn't get them off on her own.  She tried so hard to go on the potty when she had to pee.  I was nursing Hazel and couldn't get to her fast enough to get them down for her.

Portraits by Drama Queen

 Today DQ decided she wanted to draw a picture of Hazel.  She studed Hazel very carefully as she drew.
When she was done drawing Hazel, she moved on to Mischief and then herself.  David Shannon ain't got nothin' on this kid!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Just finished Hazel Mae's doll.  Think I'll make a few to try and sell.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Sister Bonding Moments

Though Mischief is in the midst of a horrid bout of the terrible twos, she does still have her cute moments in between the "NO!"s, other various forms of shrieking, and doing whatever is the opposite of what has been asked of her.  This morning I was able to catch part of her interaction with Hazel, including part of the song she was singing her and the naming of features.  Short lived moments as you can see Mischief was done when she heard an airplane.

Hazel Mae is 2 weeks today!  Mr. Man has decided (with a reminder nudge from me after he started talking about a new bike that we've already bought him a kilt, fencing gear, go to work bike - that he doesn't ride, and 'school laptop') that we can start saving for a digital slr camera.  I love the ability on my 35mm slr to focus on what I choose and can barely imagine the amazingness of combining it with digital capabilities.  After talking to some photographer friends on facebook, I'm looking into a Canon EOS Rebel T2i or T3i.  Likely go for a used one off ebay.  It'll hopefully be my Christmas present.
Mischief finally went to sleep around 12:30 to 1 am.  But not before waking up Drama Queen who needed a drink and I was sure she wasn't going to go back to sleep after that, but thankfully she did.  Butterfly and I made it to bed by 2am and were up at 7am.  The others were up before 8am.  I let them watch an hour or two of pbs kids then went and took a shower because Butterflly was finally back to sleep.   Speaking of Butterfly, she thinks she needs to nurse hourly today.  I'm hoping it's a growth spurt and not something that is going to become a habit.  Mr. Man was kind and took Mischief with him over to Brother Josh's, so I just have Butterfly and DQ.  He also gave me some cash to go get an energy drink, but I have no desire to drag those two up to the gas station and back.  It's not far, but it's more of a hassle than I'd like today.

We've decided that one of the struggles with potty training Mischief is that she can't do it independently at all.  She has a desire to use the potty, though mainly just to sit there and be read to, but is dependent on us to use it.  Even with our tallest stool she can't comfortably get sitting on the potty seat on the toilet herself.  So we're going to go on a hunt for a potty chair.

Last night I made the most delicious jalapeno popper things.  Fresh jalapeno's stuffed with cream cheese that has been seasoned with worchershire sauce and garlic powder then wrapped with bacon and baked at 350 for 35 minutes.  Mr Man was skeptical and like, what are you making?  Then he tasted one and asked me to make more.  They're really good.  We had ten each and I totally burnt my tongue cause I didn't want to wait for the second batch to cool down at all.
I wonder if the cream cheese in them is the reason Hazel is so cranky today. . .  it was the only dairy I had yesterday.

With all the time I was awake last night I worked on getting my closet craft stuff organized.  I wasn't as successful as I hoped since Butterfly just wanted to be held and Mischief kept getting into everything and was so excited over all the "pink-red" (her new word for things she likes).

Ugh.  Butterfly is crying again because I put her down.  Maybe she'll take to the sling today.  Well, I'd try it if I could find where I put it.  HA!  Just spotted it!

I finished DQ's doll yesterday and today she stuffed it all by herself, was quite pleased that I let her do it on her own also and thanked me repeatedly.  She's now playing at the doll house singing a song about Jesus and firemen. . . .Um, okay. . .

I've come to accept that I'm never going to get a fancy newborn photography session with Hazel Mae (Yes, I know I'm using her real name, I'm so tired of calling her butterfly. I like my children's names and I like to use them.  At least I'm used to Mischief and DQ now for the most part, so they'll probably stay that way.) She just isn't a curl up type of newborn which makes cheesecloth wraps and such not a feisible prop for her.  She likes to stretch out.  She does not like to be tightly swaddled, her legs are never curled up against her and no matter how I attempt to pose her when she's asleep, the second I'm ready to snap a picture, she stretches her legs out and her arms above her head.  It just ain't happening.  So sad but true.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


It started pouring about 5 minutes before I decided to pull out the camera.  That's a LOT of water come down in a short period of time!
Sorry for the total circle vision nausea that comes with it.  Mr. Man decided to move the car out of range of the hail there toward the end.  It switched from just rain to hailing at about 1:15 in the video, you can kind of hear it in the sound.  The storm lasted about another 10 to 15 minutes and now it's not raining at all.

Tutu Tuesday

On Sunday I discovered Shannon's Tot School.
On Monday I went to Walmart and Dollar Tree for supplies.
Today we did our first activities.
For the first activitiy they had to stick pipe cleaners (or chenille stems as they seem to be called now) into the holes of the salt & pepper shaker lids.  I helped Mischief with hers.  She put one in and was ready to move on to the next step.  The next step being to thread the pony beads onto the pipe cleaners.  Both girls did great with it, though Mischief lost interest after about 6 and then just enjoyed playing with the pony beads in the little glass bowls.  Drama Queen however decided to make hers look like a flower by removing some of the pipe cleaners making her able to bend the ends of the remaining four pipe cleaners into the now empty holes and thus creating a flower look.

When the girls decided they were done with threading the beads on the pipe cleaners, I had them return the beads to their bowls and we put the pipe cleaners away.  DQ was then given a pair of tweezers(free from the hospital because the nurse accidently opened a sucture removal kit instead of a staples removal one, so she said we could have what was in the kit since it'd just be thrown away anyways), four small bowls, and a bowl with beads of four colours.  She used the tweezers to pick up a bead (or two when she discovered she could do two at once) and then sort them into the little bowls by colour (btw our little bowls are "tea light holders" from Ikea.  A 12 pack was only $1.99).  Mischief was given seven small bowls to sort her beads by hand into colour groups.  Mischief was not so enthralled with the sorting, but if I held out a bead to her she would put it in the bowl with matching beads.  Both only wanted to do each activity once before asking what craft they could do next.

 I thought DQ would struggle with the tweezer motion, but was delighted to find she needed no help at all.  I then realized that duh the kid can use chopsticks, of course she can do tweezers!

We may do more activities this afternoon, though I had hoped those two would have lasted longer than the 15 to 20 minutes they took (including set up and clean up).  The girls did have fun!  If you have toddlers I recommend you check out that website.  A number of the activities seem too young for DQ and maybe too old for Mischief, but I'm pretty sure they'll enjoy trying them at least once.

And maybe it will help break Mischief of calling all colors pink. . . .though she's now moved on to calling anything she likes or wants "pink-red".  Little weirdo.

Oh, here's Butterfly today.  She slept all day and night yesterday and has decided she has to be awake today.  Like really.  And I have no clue what to do with a newborn for FOUR HOURS, which is how long she's been awake for one stretch so far today.
 We were given some money to get something for Butterfly and I was super excited to be able to go to Ikea and get this play gym that I have wanted since it came out.  She lie to lay parallel to it rather than be under it, that way she can look at it more easily.

And now she's hollering at me again.  Though i don't have the answer either. . .

Oh ya, today we recieved a call from Dempsea's new owners.  Apparently our local animal shelter left his old collar on which had our number and address.  Anyway, they are absolutely loving him.  They have three kids, oldest is a boy who is 8.  And you know he's in the perfect spot because they let him sleep in their bed.  I'm sure he is in HEAVEN with that.  They called to find out about the scar on his back, which we can't explain as it was there when we got him also.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Sponge Bath

The thing I've always liked least about newborns is bathing them before the umbilical cord has fallen off.  I avoid bathing them as long as I absolutely can, which has averaged near two weeks.  Today I had to give in and bathe Butterfly because she was starting to break out from milk residue on her neck and chest.  She hollered least of my three I must say.


All clean!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Baby rivalry

And so it begins.  Mischief has finally noticed that she is not the one occupying my lap most of the day.  Today she started saying "No Baby." She really had an issue when she found me trying to take pictures of "the baby" yet again.  "No Baby.  Me picture!"  She ran and got a blanket and a bow for her hair so I would do a photoshoot of her instead. She wasn't much more cooperative than Butterfly was though, despite it being her own idea.
The four best of Butterfly's photo shoot attempt (this is just after she was fed, so I have no idea why she was attempting to devour her hand):

Mischief's spontaneous photo shoot (four of eight pictures that turned out acceptable):

Then I tried to give us an additional light source, but Butterfly was d.o.n.e.:
Entertainingly, Mischief was very willing to take her place. .  .

New dolly

I came across these cute Matryoshka dolls on etsy:
And though I love supporting Utah based sellers even more than other sellers of handmade goods, I don't have $20 for one.  So I set about making my own.  I'm making one for each of the girls, Mischief's was first since I knew she'd be the most interested.
She helped me stuff it:
 Her little hands fit much better to push the stuffing into the bottom.
 Ta-da!  One doll done and I totally understand why sarahndipities wants $20 each!
  I cut out pieces for a pink doll, a purple doll, and a blue doll.  Mischief told me by pointing and saying a name that the purple one was for Butterfly, pink for Drama Queen, and blue for herself.  And yes, she says her doll is "pink".

Friday, July 22, 2011


Well it's our first day having three girls without Namma.  Drama Queen and Mischief really miss her already and have been out of sorts today.
We had a very mellow day.  Started out just sitting on the couch together watching How to Succeed in Business (without really trying).

 Later, after we'd gotten dressed the girls really wanted to check out the baby a bit more.
 She enjoyed checking them out in return.

That's all from today!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Tutu Tuesday

I pretty much spend all day with this one, 
sorry for the lack of pictures of anyone else!
She is very cute though.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Going Good

Things are going good around here.  I'm so very grateful for my mom being here to help out.  She is such a blessing!  Mischief has randomly decided to call her "buahbah".  We have no idea how she came up with that.
I feel bad for my mom though because my one almost always delightful child, Mischief, has been miserable and cranky due to having Hand, Foot, and Mouth disease.  She has little red bumps and blisters all over her hands and feet and in her mouth.  It' only supposed to last for a week but is very contageous.  Mr. Man has 4 sores in his mouth and decided he has it too. . . Hmmmm.  Drama Queen has yet to show any symptoms of her having it and I'm doing my best to keep Mischief away from Butterfly and Butterfly's things and to wash good after interacting with Mischief.
Drama Queen has been her usual brilliant, overwhelming, creative, and demanding self.  She has to be heavily supervised when near Butterfly because she doesn't seem to be understanding that she is 4 times bigger and needs to be gentle and not get in the baby's face.
Butterfly is appreciating that she now has breast milk to drink instead of colostrum, though appears to be ready for the engorgement to go away as she ends up coughing and choking every feeding because it comes out so fast and in such a large quantity.  Mr. Man on the other hand was appreciating the visual enhancement engorgement brought, much to my annoyance, so I showed him the bloody scabs that developed from the first few days of feedings and he hasn't mentioned my cleavage since.  :)

It has been very hot here, Okay it could be hotter, but the poor air flow of our house is more apparent when you spend the day laying in bed.  It makes Butterfly sleepy and happy though so we can get poses for pictures like this:
And that's what I hope to do tomorrow.  That and find somewhere that sells really big ace bandages for really cheap because I can't afford a postpartum support band and I don't have mine from after Mischief and really need it.  I'm not fond of having to press in my belly while walking so as to keep the weight of it off my incision.
Anyway.  BED!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

My favorite part

Of insomnia is getting to watch the sunrise.

And because I know not everyone who reads my blog sees what I put on facebook here's a picture I captured of Butterfly last night.  I think she's gorgeous in it.  A little too gorgeous. . .she looks kinda like a reborn doll!