4th of July

We had a very busy 4th of July and then I went to bed at 8:30pm with a pillow over my head (to block out the neighborhood fireworks).

 The day started at 6am when I got up and got dressed and got the girls dressed.  We then drove down to Provo, parked at my Aunt's house and walked over to the field where they do the hot air balloons.

 We didnt' make it around to the front of the Darth Vader balloon before
 The wind picked up and blew all the balloons down.
 Mischief was very concerned.
 She was quite the expressive little girl.

 Everytime this happened we were sure to get a great reaction from her:

 Drama Queen just enjoyed being out with a bunch of people and the prospect of seeing cousins and Namma.
 After the balloons were all back down (none took off the wind was too gusty) we headed back to the church by my Aunt's house were the boy scouts were doing a breakfast fundraiser.  While waiting to go in and eat Mischief and I took a break by the sidewalk and she discovered many ants.  "Hi ant, hi! hi!"
 "Ant! Bye bye ant." 
 Did you get it?
 She actually ate a fair amount of food for her, including my sausages which were called "hot dogs" to get her to eat them.  Hurray she got protien today!
 Then she had some quality time being poked by Uncle Isaac.

After the breakfast we walked down to University Ave to watch the city parade. Uncle Isaac made Mischief her very own balloon.
 Best part of the parade, in my opinion was the two bag pipe groups from a few cities south and of course the Dark Side in force.

But I'm not going to post every one of the pictures of them going by.  Too many.
After the parade we went home, and then my second eldest brother came over with his family and our kids had a grand time playing together.  Then Mr. Man's parents came over, and my brother's family went off to their next stop (they're visiting from Indiana, btw), and then my parents came over as did Isaac and Amy.  Mischief enjoyed "feeding" Uncle Isaac her toys.  They all slowly trickled back out and we got ready for the night's barbecues.   Both my family and my husband's family had them planned for the same time, but only a few blocks away from each other so we bounced between the two.  When it started to rain a touch we all headed home and went to bed.  Yep, we did no firework lighting or watching.  I was exhausted, though I'm pretty sure the girls played in their room for a long while instead of going to sleep despite how tired they were.  Mischief is still asleep though it's after 8am now.

It's was a great Independence Day!


Laurel said…
Mischief's hair looks very cute like that! I've been doing Sophie's hair the same way, although it looks different on her. We've been saying that Sophie's been rockin' the Pebbles (as in Flintstone). But, Mischief is really starting to look like a little lady! Glad you had a happy 4th!

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