Annual Koeven/Kovene/Kunz Family Reunion

Okay, I admit I didn't get pictures of everyone that was there.  We had a HUGE turn out this year, which was awesome.  It was even more awesome that all my siblings and their families were there.  Here are the pictures I DID get.

Oh the delights of automatic car windows.
 Mischief thought daddy moving her window up and down while we waited at the bank drive-thru for some gas money was HILARIOUS.
 At the reunion we had beads as usual so anyone and everyone could make necklaces and bracelets to their hearts desire.
 My cousin Anthony brought his cotton candy machine again and Drama Queen was so excited she hugged her cotton candy and squished it. . .
 She didn't mind

 Mr. Man helped Mischief with the water gun while Uncle Isaac egged her on.
 She quickly went back to some fish pond toys.
 I didn't get involved in the water fight this year, preferring to stay in the shade.
 My sister added to the craft table with showing how to do fake flowers on clips.
 I finally met one of my nephews.  I know, such a flattering picture.  I thought he was hilarious!
 Two of my brother's and two of my nephews:
The end!


Laurel said…
Looks like a fun day, did you make the girls' yellow shirts?
3rdtimeMom said…
Nope. I ended up not. Ava actually had a yellow shirt and I ran out of time this morning, so we stopped at Target on the way there and grabbed one for Maddie and I.

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