Another high anxiety day!  
Doctor appointment this morning.
Mr. Man to take Dempsea to the Animal Shelter this morning (and no, the girls aren't really sad at all over it.  Mischief has been afraid of Dempsea for at least a month now, she doesn't like that he likes getting in her face any chance he gets, and Drama Queen. . .well I had to convince her that the reason we were going to let him have a new home was NOT due to his being a "bad dog", cause she was certain that he was).
I need to call and set up when I'll go take the medicaid orientation class. . .that will have to wait until after the doctor appointment cause I've got my fingers crossed that we'll finally schedule this baby!
And tonight is a baby shower for me.  My camera battery is charging for that.  
How am I so tired even though I went to bed before 9 and didn't get up until 7?  I mean yes I woke up about ever 2 hours, but that's normal for me when pregnant and it's hot and Ava wakes up thirsty and decides to go to sleep in my bed after drinking 2 cupfuls of water(almost a full 8 ounces, pretty impressive for her!)


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