Baby rivalry

And so it begins.  Mischief has finally noticed that she is not the one occupying my lap most of the day.  Today she started saying "No Baby." She really had an issue when she found me trying to take pictures of "the baby" yet again.  "No Baby.  Me picture!"  She ran and got a blanket and a bow for her hair so I would do a photoshoot of her instead. She wasn't much more cooperative than Butterfly was though, despite it being her own idea.
The four best of Butterfly's photo shoot attempt (this is just after she was fed, so I have no idea why she was attempting to devour her hand):

Mischief's spontaneous photo shoot (four of eight pictures that turned out acceptable):

Then I tried to give us an additional light source, but Butterfly was d.o.n.e.:
Entertainingly, Mischief was very willing to take her place. .  .


Laurel said…
Cute! Was it her idea to get naked?

You are reminding me of when Matthew used to say, "No nurse, Sophie! Put her in her swing!"
Freth Stifter said…
cute fotos of Mischief! :)

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