Baby Shower

Tonight was a baby shower for me and Butterfly.  I got so many diapers and wipes it is fabulous!
There were so many wonderful ladies from church, as well as my mom, sis-in-law and aunt!  We played a few fun games and ate some tasty treats.  I of course didn't think of pulling out my camera until after the delicious strawberry/blueberry fruit tart was all gone.  Thank you to the lovely and talented Sara for throwing this bash for us!

Under her crib is now completely filled up with diapers and wipes.  Yesterday I started washing up all the baby things, so now the crib is all made and ready and it encouraged me to get her name put up.  I did a trade with my friend at Dreamy Vinyl for this gorgeous vinyl set up.  I had planned on painting the wall, but well, you see how good we're doing at getting our walls inside finished.  Got Mr. Man's stuff out of this dresser and the baby clothes/blankets/burpcloths/crib sheets in.

My parents kindly got us a much needed carseat for Butterfly.  This is the cheapest and narrowest carseat I could find.  It was advertised to be 17.5 inches wide and it turns out to be accurate in that measurement.  Now I'm wishing DQ's booster was narrower, because Mischief's carseat is pretty narrow as well. We'll see how nicely it squeezes in after we get the car cleaned out.


Burnhams said…
why all the sposies? have you given up on cloth?
AbigailDawn said…
I don't do cloth with newborns because they poop and pee so much. And we've also been on a cloth hiatus because I'm having trouble keeping up with the regular laundry as it is.

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