Fabulous Friday

I was WIRED last night.  Not sure why, likely pregnancy related.  Anyway I was finally wound down enough to go to sleep at about 1am, and then was up again when Mr. Man got home from work around 4am.  I dozed in and out until I realized he had left.  It was 4:51am so I figured he'd gone to the gym (he did).  I tried to fall back asleep, but after laying in bed for half an hour I got up and watched the news while working on the "pictures" for the nursery.

Today I finished spray painting the frames.  I'll sand them up a bit (in part to shabby them and in part to hide the bubbling of the spray paint on some areas - though I am getting better at spray painting!)  when they're dry, then put the things into the frames.  I made silhouettes of Drama Queen and Mischief and will make one of Butterfly when she arrives.  It'll be one of my activities while stuck in the hospital.  I also intend to crochet lots of washcloths at that time as well. I'll also take my felt and a needle and thread and glue gun, so that should give me many more things to do.  Until I get bored of it at least.  I really should actually get a suitcase packed instead of just making a list of what TO pack.  I'll do that this afternoon after Mr. Man wakes up.  He loves the spin classes at the gym.  And though I know he's oblivious to it, I'm not a fan of how much the spin teacher likes him!  I haven't the slightest idea how old she is, but the fact that it's a she and she compliments him every class, it bother's me.  It's so time to get this baby out so I can start gymming with him! (yes, I know, gymming is not a word).  I think spinning will kill me, but I think a wifely presence would be good for the teacher.  (yes, for all I know she's 60, give me a break I'm large with child and haven't put out for a month, let me be insecure)

I really may have to get dressed and walk up to the gas station.  Mischief emptied an entire bottle of onion powder in the living room and now it smells like funyuns and so I really really want some.  Do they still make funyuns?  Yes, yes they do or Frito-Lay wouldn't have a FUNYUNS page.  "FUNYUNS® Onion Flavored Rings are a deliciously different snack that is fun to eat. These playful rings have a crisp texture and are packed full of zesty onion flavor. Next time you're in the mood for a snack that's out of the ordinary, try FUNYUNS® Onion Flavored Rings."
They make your breath reek, but are oh so tasty.  Ooooo, they make flamin' hot ones now too!

Hurray for the trash finally being picked up!  They sent out a notice at the beginning of last week that trash day would be on Thursdays.  Of course that's starting July, only they didn't say it, so most of the trailer park didn't put their cans out on Wednesday which was our old trash day (old as of this week).  And then this week was a holiday week, so the trash is picked up a day late, meaning our trash FINALLY got emptied today.  The girls informed me this morning that there were bugs in the kitchen.  Yes, yes there are, thanks for reminding me (sarcasm).  Cause the kitchen trash was full but we couldn't take it out and now we are a fruit fly breeding ground.  THankfully the trick of putting apple cider vinegar in a tall  glass, covering the top with plastic wrap, secured with a rubber band and small holes poked in the plastic is infact working and at least 20 have drowned in the vinegar so far.  Only another hundred or two to go.

And this kid. . .
is a master manipulator.  I really am trying to unwind myself from her little finger. . .it's rather difficult though as she cracks me up or is oh so sweet when she chooses.


Laurel said…
She's very cute!
sleepless said…
She may cease to be so loveable when the next one is here...

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