Family Reunion and dropping Dempsea off at the Utah Humane Society today.
Trying to get two yellow shirts and a pound cake made before all that.
The girls are watching Willy Wonka (Tim Burton one).
I'm still tired, but got things to do!


Laurel said…
Good luck! Have a great day!
Trishgoger said…
Are the girls sad to see Dempsea go?
Myhouse4nine said…
I am so glad you came! Mischief was adorable when her uncle was teasing her with the bouncy ball. Another uncle said she would make a Slow Magician happy!The man seemed to enjoy your brothers and and you looked great - Okay Very Pregnant, but great! I love you!!!
I only talked to dq once and that was when she was looking for her Great Grandma and looked lost, but she didn't seem to have any major melt downs so it must have been okay.

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