Going Good

Things are going good around here.  I'm so very grateful for my mom being here to help out.  She is such a blessing!  Mischief has randomly decided to call her "buahbah".  We have no idea how she came up with that.
I feel bad for my mom though because my one almost always delightful child, Mischief, has been miserable and cranky due to having Hand, Foot, and Mouth disease.  She has little red bumps and blisters all over her hands and feet and in her mouth.  It' only supposed to last for a week but is very contageous.  Mr. Man has 4 sores in his mouth and decided he has it too. . . Hmmmm.  Drama Queen has yet to show any symptoms of her having it and I'm doing my best to keep Mischief away from Butterfly and Butterfly's things and to wash good after interacting with Mischief.
Drama Queen has been her usual brilliant, overwhelming, creative, and demanding self.  She has to be heavily supervised when near Butterfly because she doesn't seem to be understanding that she is 4 times bigger and needs to be gentle and not get in the baby's face.
Butterfly is appreciating that she now has breast milk to drink instead of colostrum, though appears to be ready for the engorgement to go away as she ends up coughing and choking every feeding because it comes out so fast and in such a large quantity.  Mr. Man on the other hand was appreciating the visual enhancement engorgement brought, much to my annoyance, so I showed him the bloody scabs that developed from the first few days of feedings and he hasn't mentioned my cleavage since.  :)

It has been very hot here, Okay it could be hotter, but the poor air flow of our house is more apparent when you spend the day laying in bed.  It makes Butterfly sleepy and happy though so we can get poses for pictures like this:
And that's what I hope to do tomorrow.  That and find somewhere that sells really big ace bandages for really cheap because I can't afford a postpartum support band and I don't have mine from after Mischief and really need it.  I'm not fond of having to press in my belly while walking so as to keep the weight of it off my incision.
Anyway.  BED!


Emily Robertson said…
The cleavage, the bloody scabs, the grossed out husband...oh that made me laugh! Haha sucker! Not for you anymore!!!
I ws so bummed we couldnt come see you on Saturday. i hope you are doing well and that life at home gets to be normal soon! Hopefully I will see you soon!!!!
Julianna said…
Funny how the men need the rality "slap" of what they are really for. :)

Get some sleep!
Trishgoger said…
Off topic! But this reminded me of you, because I know you liked to do those Bento meal things.

Anonymous said…
Hello. And Bye.

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