I am so tired I could fall asleep right here righ tnow.  Infact I'm typing with my head back and my eyes resting.

Have a barbecue to go to in 20 minutes so I don't get to sleep.  Mr. Man worked for 4 hours today painting guest parking curbs over at The Colonies.    He's tired too, and yet he has no desire to sleep, because he loves Wednesday night barbecues.  Such a social guy!    He works at Target tonight as well and I've given permission for him to have an energy drink.  He's going to need it.   We're going to have hamburgers tonight, thanks to my brother who bought some ground beef on the 4th nand left the leftovers for us.  Woo hoo!  We'll stop at the grocery store for buns on the way (which I think is hilarious because the grocery store is the opposite direction.

Pardon any typos.  I'm not at all kidding taht I'm doing this with my eyes shut.


Heather said…
the bbq is over at the colonies isnt it. I remember now! So fun :)
sleepless said…
I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your summer photo shoot of the girls. The dresses and head pieces are wonderful and your photography is awesome...but blogger won't let me comment there ??? !!!
Anonymous said…
Yes, really.

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