Make it Monday - Butterfly's Nursery DIY

I'm working on getting the nursery looking fabulous and I'm trying to do it for as close to free as possible.  I had originally wanted to make a new crib set, but ended up being happy with just doing the kids play area in bright colors instead.  So I went on with using the crib set I fell in love with for Mischief.  Here it is in all it's almost complete glory:

And broken down. . .
DIY Picture collage:
I rounded up a bunch of frames that have been sitting in boxes for a year. . .or three. . .took out the backing and glass on each and tried to figure out an arrangement I liked.
or maybe. . .
 Then I took them outisde and I laid them out on newspaper.  Using a can of pale pink spray paint that we've had since making Drama Queen's hobby horse, I gave them all a single coat.  Yep, that's right, I didn't bother to hunt out any primer.
 I was able to give three of the frames a second coat before that can was empty.  Later that night I ran to Walmart for another can of the same stuff.

Mr. Man agreed with me that they were placed too high on the wall.  He also wanted them adjusted to make a square....I wasn't going for square.  Today I rearranged and we are both happy with the result.  Except I didn't  wash the lower part of the wall and have had to re-affix the lowest two pictures, that's the one downfall I've encountered with Command picture hanging strips.
So the picture collage is almost finished, I just am waiting for the butterflies to arrive for the pink striped one and Madame Butterfly herself to arrive so I can cut out a silhouette of her as well.

Girly lamp shade:
This is the same table lamp we've had in our room for years.  I just searched through my lace & trims box and found an eyelet that matched the lamp shade, then used double sided tape to attach it.

I made some wool felt flowers and velcroed them to thumb tacks that I then used to stick the crib quilt to the wall and hide that big blank space.  Two shelves are between it and my bed, just for decoration though as I put them up using Command picture hangers too because I hadn't the slightest idea where a hammer and nails were.  Here's a touch more of a close up of the nursery.
 Now just another 41 hours until there's a baby to put in it!  Well 41 hours and 3 or 4 days before we'll be home. . .
Oh, and it cost me $15.  Most of it we already had or got for free!


Mary said…
Looks Very nice, Abby! Have you changed Hazel's name to Butterfly? Or are you waiting to see what she looks like?
sleepless said…
It is BEAUTIFUL !! I am so impressed what you have done ..and SO-O-O-O inexpensively !! You have A LOT of creativity !!! You should feel good about this one !
I love what you did! So cute! I have a cricut, but I don't have a cartridge to do something like you had done with her name on the wall. Super fabulous, you're so talented I'm jealous.
AbigailDawn said…
I actually had my friend at cut the vinyl for me.
Laurel said…
Its looking very cute! I have to tell you that when I read that you were doing silhouettes of the girls I was thinking about what a cute idea that was and that I wanted to put silhouettes of my kids in their rooms. Then, this morning I was sitting in Natalie's room and I remembered that they already have them! We had them cut at Disneyland. We don't have one of Sophie though.

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