Mischief finally went to sleep around 12:30 to 1 am.  But not before waking up Drama Queen who needed a drink and I was sure she wasn't going to go back to sleep after that, but thankfully she did.  Butterfly and I made it to bed by 2am and were up at 7am.  The others were up before 8am.  I let them watch an hour or two of pbs kids then went and took a shower because Butterflly was finally back to sleep.   Speaking of Butterfly, she thinks she needs to nurse hourly today.  I'm hoping it's a growth spurt and not something that is going to become a habit.  Mr. Man was kind and took Mischief with him over to Brother Josh's, so I just have Butterfly and DQ.  He also gave me some cash to go get an energy drink, but I have no desire to drag those two up to the gas station and back.  It's not far, but it's more of a hassle than I'd like today.

We've decided that one of the struggles with potty training Mischief is that she can't do it independently at all.  She has a desire to use the potty, though mainly just to sit there and be read to, but is dependent on us to use it.  Even with our tallest stool she can't comfortably get sitting on the potty seat on the toilet herself.  So we're going to go on a hunt for a potty chair.

Last night I made the most delicious jalapeno popper things.  Fresh jalapeno's stuffed with cream cheese that has been seasoned with worchershire sauce and garlic powder then wrapped with bacon and baked at 350 for 35 minutes.  Mr Man was skeptical and like, what are you making?  Then he tasted one and asked me to make more.  They're really good.  We had ten each and I totally burnt my tongue cause I didn't want to wait for the second batch to cool down at all.
I wonder if the cream cheese in them is the reason Hazel is so cranky today. . .  it was the only dairy I had yesterday.

With all the time I was awake last night I worked on getting my closet craft stuff organized.  I wasn't as successful as I hoped since Butterfly just wanted to be held and Mischief kept getting into everything and was so excited over all the "pink-red" (her new word for things she likes).

Ugh.  Butterfly is crying again because I put her down.  Maybe she'll take to the sling today.  Well, I'd try it if I could find where I put it.  HA!  Just spotted it!

I finished DQ's doll yesterday and today she stuffed it all by herself, was quite pleased that I let her do it on her own also and thanked me repeatedly.  She's now playing at the doll house singing a song about Jesus and firemen. . . .Um, okay. . .

I've come to accept that I'm never going to get a fancy newborn photography session with Hazel Mae (Yes, I know I'm using her real name, I'm so tired of calling her butterfly. I like my children's names and I like to use them.  At least I'm used to Mischief and DQ now for the most part, so they'll probably stay that way.) She just isn't a curl up type of newborn which makes cheesecloth wraps and such not a feisible prop for her.  She likes to stretch out.  She does not like to be tightly swaddled, her legs are never curled up against her and no matter how I attempt to pose her when she's asleep, the second I'm ready to snap a picture, she stretches her legs out and her arms above her head.  It just ain't happening.  So sad but true.


sleepless said…
Nice doll..so good of you to let her help !
Trishgoger said…
Homemade crafts!

Laurel said…
This is about the time for her first growth spurt.

Those dolls you are making are cute!

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