My little Mischief is sick today.  :(   Thank you to my mommy for taking care of the girls last night which involved a lack of sleep.
I've been doing good at saying yes to my medications which means I've stayed almost completely out of pain today.  The throbbing in my shoulder has finally gone away, so now I'm mainly dealing with the uterus and incision pain.  My feet are a bit swollen, but I'm pretty sure that has something to do with my lack of doing.  I'm really enjoying just chilling in bed with my Butterfly.  She just spends the day snuggled up with me except when someone is here, so far just daddy today.
Bella baby Photography tried to do pictures of Butterfly, but she wanted to have none of it and proceeded to spit up all over the sheet they had her laying on.  It could be due to my not burping her (still trying to get on track of remembering to burp the baby after feedings!) or that I had milk yesterday and this morning.
While staying on top of the pain relief (and stool softener, hoping that kicks in soon) has kept me from extreme discomfort and pain, it's also made it so I randomly fall asleep while sitting here.  Like I blink and find that a half hour has passed.  It's kind of funny, and yet not because it means my "vacation" is passing by too quickly!  Mr. Man doesn't seem to be very impressed that I said yes I'd love to stay until Sunday when Dr. Judd (the OBGYN on weekend duty) came by today.  I informed Mr. Man that this is MY vacation.  As soon as I go home, not matter how well he intends to care for the girls once my mom goes home (and possibly even before then) they will be coming to me for random little things.  It's just how they're programmed.
I figured out the hospital bracelets were put on me loosely enough that I can slide the annoying things off when I've had enough of them pressing in to me.

Mr. Man was invited to go see Harry Potter last night, and so he did.  I feel bad that he's ditching my mom with the girls overnight the last three nights and only once was it due to him working.  Though I'm partly to blame for his seeing HP instead of being there to care for Mischief, I gave him permission to go and didn't think once about what my mom would have to deal with.  Sorry mom!  He works tonight, but I'm going to make sure my mom gets tomorrow night off!!

My nurse this shift (morning through the present time) is awesome.  Her name is Allie and she's seriously like, hey order me around!  She even changed Butterfly's diaper for me, which Butterfly proceeded to fill the clean one immediately.  Really the kid finally gets more than colostrum and we've had 5 messy diapers.  I need to change this one now.

And the close my eyes/fall asleep moments are starting to sneak up on me again.  I have pictures to edit and crafts to make though!  I did a mini photo shoo with Butterfly this morning, you can see the few that turned out alright over at
I'm trying to see if I can edit some more into looking good.  I'm going to get up and change her diaper now and hope that will keep me awake longer.  I have visitors coming today.  Hurray!


Laurel said…
Twice in this post you used Butterfly's real name. Just FYI!

Enjoy the rest of your vacation!

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