New dolly

I came across these cute Matryoshka dolls on etsy:
And though I love supporting Utah based sellers even more than other sellers of handmade goods, I don't have $20 for one.  So I set about making my own.  I'm making one for each of the girls, Mischief's was first since I knew she'd be the most interested.
She helped me stuff it:
 Her little hands fit much better to push the stuffing into the bottom.
 Ta-da!  One doll done and I totally understand why sarahndipities wants $20 each!
  I cut out pieces for a pink doll, a purple doll, and a blue doll.  Mischief told me by pointing and saying a name that the purple one was for Butterfly, pink for Drama Queen, and blue for herself.  And yes, she says her doll is "pink".


sleepless said…
Darling !! Yes, most colors are pink to her !
Burnhams said…
If you were up for making more of those (without the stuffing so they would be easier to mail) I would be open to buying one or 2 for christmas...
I noticed a while ago that you made your own dolls based on my design! I'd love it if you posted this link to the pattern listing I now have available in my shop! Thanks so much!

~ Sarah

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