Orem Community Hospital

Nearly 5 hours of uninterrupted (except an occasional beep or fifty from the monitors still on me) sleep I'm feeling alive, and euphoric.  That could be due to the percocet though, or just the fact that theres a baby sleeping on my chest instead of squishing my insides.

Butterfly really is a darling little thing.  I appologize for my typos, as I am on our old laptop and it's keys have any number of crumbs and things trapped under them from a certain preschooler.  Who I wish could snuggle up with me and read a book right now.  Though Drama Queen has never been much of a snuggler, it requires too much holding still for her I think.

Everyone here at the hospital has been amazing.  This being the third hospital I've ever been to, I am amazed at the difference here than at either of the others.  There was nothing wrong with the one I had DQ at, infact I still remember my first nurse, Kaye very fondly, but it wasn't anything to rave about.  And down in Pomona, well. . . .It's a lovely hospital and I've blocked out much beyond that I think, lol.  But here, I just want to go on and on about how wonderful it is!  With the exception of one nurse - and there was nothing negative about her, she just didn't give off the same vibe - everyone seems to truly LOVE their job and LOVE helping people.  I feel so taken care of.  I haven't been talked to as though I'm not really here or am in capable of understanding, they really make you feel as though they are completely at your beck and call and want you to be as comfortable as can be.  Each nurse that I've been in contact with has a delightful disposition and a true smile.  Not only do I feel taken care of, but I feel they respect my wishes in regard to Butterfly and that they will not try to interfere.  They are SO breastfeeding supportive as well.  When I was in CA with Mischief, I was pressured repeatedly to supplement her with formula, I resisted and am thankful.  Here, they asked once about if I was breastfeeding Butterfly and verified that I knew it'd be at least 48 hours before my milk would come in and so she'd lose weight and to not be concerned, it is expected.  And my goodness is this child amazing at breastfeeding.  She instantly latched on perfectly.  And proceeded to nurse for a half hour.  Then three hours later gave signs of being ready to nurse again.  And that's about how it's gone.  She nurses for 25 to 35 minutes every 3 hours.  I've given permission for them to give her a binky, so I assume it was used during the 5 hours I slept, or perhaps she just slept as well.  Either way, I knew for sure she hadn't been snuck anything because she nursed for a half hour and is now sleeping contentedly in my arms.

I am feeling much better after this cesarean and I'm not sure why, it as noticeable even to Mr. Man.  When they decided it was time to get me up I didn't have just one nurse who had me up, in the bathroom and back as quickly as she could (like at Pomona) but there were 4 happy nurses making sure I was comfortable, not dizzy, not going to quickly, and encouraged me to do more than just go to the bathroom rinse off and get back into bed.  I was able to walk to the door and back as well, which was so nice.  I really needed to stretch my legs!  Until the morning I'm attached to an IV as well as a catheter, and when in bed have compression things on my legs to prevent blood clots.  I had a oxygen monitor on my toe as well until about 5 minutes ago when I requested to use the restroom again (my bum was going numb in bed and I figured I needed a new pad).  When I got back in bed she didn't put the monitor back on my toe and I sure was not about to remind her!  I'm looking forward to being detached from things in the morning so I can walk around when I choose.  It's true that your second cesarean is so much easier than the first.  I remember after Mischief it was weeks before I could easily go from laying to sitting without pain.  Infact the first week or two I couldn't do it at all in any normal fashion.  I had to carefully pull myself or roll myself into sitting.  Not so this time.  I can sit up just fine.  I think one of the things that helps is that they use percocet in Utah.  In CA they used vicodin which did nothing for me at all, and I requested to not be given it at all after day one because it really made no difference in my pain level.  I thought it stupid that they had no other option for me other than motrin which only took the edge off the pain.  I had percocet when I had Drama Queen in Salt Lake, so I knew it works on me and when they said that they were giving me it here, I was doing the wave in my head.  I've only just had my second dose of pain meds even though I can have the percocet every 4 hours, I haven't needed it.  I did learn though that I should take a dose before going to sleep, because it'd been nearly 12 hours since a dose when I woke up and the contracting of my uterus while Butterfly was nursing was painful.  I haven't started having any gas pains yet.  I do feel gas finally starting flowing through my intestines though and though it hasn't figured out how to escape yet (and I haven't figured out how to relax the right muscles as needed) I'm looking forward to walking around the women's center in the morning and getting it out!  (sorry to all who may be in the hall and hearing such!  At least it won't have an odor with it!)

Not only do I feel taken care of at this hospital, but I feel like Mr. Man is too!  When we first arrived and started prep, I was shown to my room, which is the room I'll be in the entire time we're here, that's super nice that they don't make you switch rooms again and again.  Anyway, the nurse check with Mr. Man that he'd eaten breakfast, and he hadn't so she brought him some milk and cereal as well as juice.   They also have a "Nourishment Room" where the girls got to get some juice an graham crackers, and Mr. Man is free to get food at as well, he was very impressed by it and excited to tell me they even have microwave burritos (one of his favorite foods).  He only got a soda at the time though.  And it's not like a snack bar, you just get what you need ta da, no cost.  He was here when they brought me my "gourmet" dinner (chicken broth, orange gelatin, cherry flavored italian ice) and they brought him a tray of food as well.  The nurse said it doesn't always happen, but they had "extra" food today.  Oh my did his food look and smell amazing.  He said it was just as good as it looked, which is definately saying something coming from him!  It was grapes, cooked carrots, seasoned potato wedges (not like fries, like boiled wedges tossed with yumminess) some kind of meat with gravy, a mouthwatering roll (seriously, I wanted to take it), frosted cookies and juice.  I'm looking forward to solids tomorrow!

Another different thing about this birth experience is that I actually saw my doctor again just a few hours after birth.  He came over to check in with me, give his take on how the surgery went, and make sure I was feeling alright.  That's never happened before.  Have I mentioned how much I like Dr. Baxter?!  It helps I know that the doctor's clinic is just 20 feet from the hospital, but with Mischief, the doctor who delivered her just does the delivering for the OBGYN I'd been seeing, and I didn't see him until the next day and extremely briefly at that.
Really, this is the way hospital births, nurses and doctors should be.  Maybe that's why I felt the Lord wanted me to stick with Dr. Baxter when I was pondering and praying about changing doctors so I could have a VBAC(vaginal birth after cesarean).  Speaking of VBACs, Dr. Baxter DID change his stance on VBACs and said if I really wanted to I could try them, told him his concerns in regard to them, but said he'd encourage me if that's what I really wanted.  But unfortunately, I'd already prayed so much about it and had the feeling I needed to do the cesarean (I know I didn't share that before, it just felt too personal and I was having a very hard time accepting that what I wanted wasn't what the Lord wanted).  Does this mean I'm a cesarean supporter?  No.  I still was in tears all through the prep in the OR this morning, grateful for the kind nurses and anethesiologist who understood how uncomfortable I was.  "Trussed Pig"  was all I could think as I was given the spinal block, catheterized, strapped to the table and swabbed with iodine.  I did however like that they gave Mr. Man the option of watching the surgery.  So he actually got to watch as they pulled her out, and everyone almost in unison let me know that my fear it'd turn out to be a boy was unfounded.  Mr. Man and I agreed it was hilarious and weird that (in the Mister's words) "It really is like on TV." in regard to Dr. Baxter and Dr. Harward talking about their sons' sports activities as they cut me open and stitched me back up.  Unlike my previous cesarean, they were very quick and efficient this morning. The entire thing took less than an hour, and I bled very little.  Dr. Baxter was over heard saying that he had two different vaginal births yesterday that bled more than I did.

Anyway, I know I'm so totally rambling here and that this is really long.  I'm just feeling so content and happy (thank you percocet and the lack of a baby within!) that I want to chat with someone.  If I thought anyone were awake and up to visiting me I'd so invite them over, as there are no specific visiting hours here.  :)

That said, I'm now going to browse for some onesie/snap shirt embellishment ideas now so I can fancy up some for Madame Butterfly's first photoshoot tomorrow.  It will take place once I'm wire free and the water retention starts to go down! (my feet are rather swollen with fluid right now.   The wallpaper here will make a lovely photo backdrop.  I really wish I'd brought more props, I'm pretty sure Mr. Man won't bring me any as he thinks I've brought too much as it is.

Did I mention I'm hungry?  I so am.  But still I'm thankful for the unlimited chicken broth, juice and gelatin availaable to me.


Laurel said…
I'm glad that your birth went well and that your baby is here! I'm glad that you are so happy with your hospital too.

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