Sister Bonding Moments

Though Mischief is in the midst of a horrid bout of the terrible twos, she does still have her cute moments in between the "NO!"s, other various forms of shrieking, and doing whatever is the opposite of what has been asked of her.  This morning I was able to catch part of her interaction with Hazel, including part of the song she was singing her and the naming of features.  Short lived moments as you can see Mischief was done when she heard an airplane.

Hazel Mae is 2 weeks today!  Mr. Man has decided (with a reminder nudge from me after he started talking about a new bike that we've already bought him a kilt, fencing gear, go to work bike - that he doesn't ride, and 'school laptop') that we can start saving for a digital slr camera.  I love the ability on my 35mm slr to focus on what I choose and can barely imagine the amazingness of combining it with digital capabilities.  After talking to some photographer friends on facebook, I'm looking into a Canon EOS Rebel T2i or T3i.  Likely go for a used one off ebay.  It'll hopefully be my Christmas present.


Laurel said…
Cute sisters!

Sophie is old enough now that she can play a lot more and both kids are having a great time with her.

I'm excited for Hazel to realize how funny and cool her big sisters are!
I can't keep up with your posts! But I try to comment on what I can. You will LOVE having a digital SLR, its the best investment you could make. We bought one days after finding out we were pregnant. We spent about 5 months paying it off and are glad we did!
sleepless said…
Mr. Man definately has no lack of what he wants.
AbigailDawn said…
True, I failed to mention his lego collection as well didn't I?

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