Sponge Bath

The thing I've always liked least about newborns is bathing them before the umbilical cord has fallen off.  I avoid bathing them as long as I absolutely can, which has averaged near two weeks.  Today I had to give in and bathe Butterfly because she was starting to break out from milk residue on her neck and chest.  She hollered least of my three I must say.


All clean!


Scarlet absolutely screamed during her first sponge bath to the point that I almost wouldn't do it again. Now she doesn't mind her baths as long as she's kept warm and we sing to her. Maybe it will get better when she can sit on her own. But having them clean and smelling good is worth it in the end! I love Hazel she's adorable!
sleepless said…
Thank you for ending the "milk in the creases science project "!!!

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