Today we struggled.  By we I mean the kids had to deal with me and I was having a hard time being happy and/or nice.  Even a nap didn't help so Mr. Man sent me to the store for some caffiene, and that did work.  I'm not angry at the world anymore.  I'd like to work on folding the clean laundry, but Hazel has other ideas for me.  Like holding her.  And holding her.  And holding her some more.  She just wants to be held and sleep.  I'm okay with that up to the point of wanting to feel productive and sorry this just doesn't feel productive to me.  That and I'm hungry.
Mischief had a long nap from 2-5pm so I'm fairly certain she'll be up until midnight at least.  Mr. Man has now gone to bed.  He's worked almost every day this week both at Target and over at his occasional job.  Shoot, my milk meter just went off and I don't have any nursing pads in aka I'm now a fountain.
I tested  Hazel's milk tolerance today and we have an affirmative that yes, she, like her sisters can not handle my having dairy.  She threw up within 20 minutes of nursing my "tainted" milk.
Here she is looking "fruitish" (DQ's description of her) before she threw up all over the both of us:

Hazel and I laid in the backyard for a bit today.  I pulled all the radishes from the back garden.  The cucumbers won't have their protection now, but they were hiding the fact that we HAVE cucumbers on the cucumber plants!  So I may end up with half a dozen home made pickled cucumbers.  Ya.  We've got nothing to can this year for sure.  Thankfully the neighbor has been providing us with cucumbers and zucchini.  Their peppers and tomatoes aren't doing much better than ours though.  Next year I'll be planting a whole lot more peas, beans, beets, carrots, and cucumbers.  I may try edamame again (we do have a few pods on the plants) but am not going to do lettuce, kohlrabi, or okra.  The okra does have a few blossoms it's working on, but I think I'll just find a grocery store that sells canned okra in tomato sauce and pickled okra.  We don't eat the lettuce fast enough, and kohlrabi is fun, but I'd rather have more beans.
Ava still hasn't made it on her potty yet.  part was due to her having to go while I was outside with Hazel.  Ava stood at the doorway crying to come out too, and I told her I could, but apparently she's afraid of the screen door, and so wouldn't open it and ended up having an accident there.  joy.  I tried to m ake her cute and there for more likeable today. . .didn't change her new habit of growling at us when we tell her something she doesn't like (such as "stop yelling"):

Hazel just let me lay her on the couch (not without complaint) and is asleep, so maybe I can go have some food. (yes, had a bowl of cereal)

And yesterday I decided to start treating Mischief's sore spot (aka the "diaper rash" she's had for over half a year) as eczema, spent and frightening amount of money on products to treat it (aka therapeutic moisturizing cream, a different brand of hydrocortisone than we were using, more triple antibiotic ointment, and benadryl cream) but it's worth it because the combo of various turns with those items (a different one plus the moisturizer each diaper change) and letting her air out for an hour or two each day has helped (yes I know it's only been two days.  But the difference is enormous.  Here's how it looks now:
I can't find the before picture, but my mom will at least appreciate how much better it is looking.  It had been bright red and moist and sore and dry and scaley at the same time.


Mandi said…
wow, that looks exactly like Leighton's body (as far as the rash of course) she has horrible eczema and nothing I have used helps. thanks for the ideas!!
sleepless said…
Yes, it looks better !! yes, the newest child is the most perfect...always. The other children HAVE to grow up and lose the apron strings...they are just being normal kids in the process...Yes, mama needs to be less cross. Things happen. YAY for daddy working !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Laurel said…
Ava's dress is so pretty!

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