Today's goals:
  • laundry
  • dishes
  • scrub sink
  • put craft stuff away
  • rearrange toy area
  • put up wall paper
  • starch fabric to wall
  • get rid of stuff
8am - started one load of laundry, started cleaning up one corner of the toy area, got Mischief some cereal, laughed when Mischief grabbed a knight helmet to put on her head as we were playing with the popper (you know, that flexible plastic half circle that you push inside out and then it pops up as it rights itself?), started watching Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead, resisted crawling back into bed.

9am - listed two lots on ebay (dolls), finally got around to lining the art basket so the crayons and pencils don't fall out - now it looks like an easter basket :( , Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead has made me want a juicer even more. . .as I sit here drinking dr. pepper. . .,


Heather said…
I have a juicer, if you want to borrow it ;)

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