Truth is. . .Thursday

Truth is. . .I'm rather irritated my "bag of waters" is still intact.

Truth is. . .I think "bag of waters" is a lame term.  I'm not a fan of "rupture of membranes" either.  I like to stick with the simple, incorrect "my water broke".  But it hasn't.  Yet.

Truth is. . .we ran to Walmart this morning as there appears to be only one roll of toilet paper in the house and it's almost out.

Truth is. . .it nearly killed me but I did something I don't think I've ever done.  I bought a 4 pack of toilet paper.  That's all.  Just 4 rolls.  Who buys just 4 rolls?  I never buy less than 12 usually.  But a 12 pack, while equivilant to 48 rolls, is $13, and a 4 pack, equivilant to a mere 8 rolls is just over $3, which was more in our price range at this time.

Truth is. . .I still feel like we're going to run out of toilet paper any moment.  Under my sink is still empty since two rolls went in one bathroom and two in the other.

Truth is. . .I'm very picky about toilet paper.  Last time I bought it, a couple months ago, I got a 24 pack of. . .quilted northern or white cloud or something.  Whatever was cheapest.  And have spent the last few months hating it.  I grew up with Scotts, and vowed never to buy it, though it is very inexpensive, I always had to fold it like 4 times to feel like I wasn't just wiping with my hand.  I'm weird, I know.  Anyway, so I've never bought Scotts, and over the last 5 years I'm pretty sure I've tried every brand there is.  And I gotta tell you, Charmin really does have it going on.  Charmin Ultra Soft that is.  We tried Ultra strong as well and well. . .it was like using a paper towel.  A very thick and stiff paper towel.  So today I bought a tiny four pack of Charmin Ultra Soft.  Cause I'm going to have a baby, I deserve it.  Pppppppphhhhbbbbttttt.

Truth is. . .I also actually made it out of Walmart with only two things that weren't on my list.  Two long sleeve size 5 shirts from the girls clearance.  Drama Queen has successfully stained every long sleeve shirt she had this winter and no amount of Baby Oxyclean or Goop has gotten them out (I admit I haven't attempted to scrub with Goop then soak in BO before cleaning)  So I got two cute ones to save just for Kindergarten.  She also wanted a really cute Minnie Mouse shirt, but it was 8 dollars.  I told her if we can next month and they still have it, we'll get it.

Truth is. . .our Walmart is carrying a new line of women's clothes.  Bella Bird brand that I've never heard of, but absolutely love everything in that corner of the women's clothing department.

Truth is. . .Walmart finally had the Sta Flo shelf stocked so I FINALLY got 3 bottles of it and I'm hoping that's enough.  I'll start starching up our fabric wall covering today using THIS tutorial, sort of.

Truth is. . .I really should have picked up another can of spray paint while we were there.  Just ran out and only 3 of the frames are covered.  Grrr.

Truth is. . .I will have to wait until this evening to go get more because Mr. Man is going to work at the colonies in 20 minutes and I have no desire to drag the girls with me again.

Truth is. . .I told Mischief I'd get her some "num num milk" about 5 minutes ago and she disappeared happily. She just started calling for me.  She went and climbed into bed and has been waiting for it so she can take her nap.  Such an odd and delightful child.

Truth is. . .I laid on my bed for a half an hour. . .Butterfly going berserk the entire time.  I'm ready to the point of tears for her to be out of there.


Julianna said…
I think I have about 97 rolls of TP in the pantry area. No lie. I stock up like crazy and then don't think about it til someone says we're out. Then I'm like "What? No way... we have like 97 rolls in there."

Trishgoger said…
How come "my water broke" is incorrect??
AbigailDawn said…
Oh because it's not actually water, it's amniotic fluid. And water can't break, it's the "sac" that breaks. I just appear to be the only one around here who says "my water breaks".
Trishgoger said…
Ahhh makes sense.

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