Truth is Thursday

Truth is. . .I made Butterfly cry.  'Cause I changed her diaper and then set about organizing my stuff to m liking instead of feeding her, which was what she wanted.

Truth is. . .she's happy now, she's happily nursing away which is making my brain do it's hormone release thing to my uterus, which is thus painfully contracting.  35 minutes until my next dose of percocet!

Truth is. . .I'm tired even though I got 5 straight hours of sleep last night followed by another two hours once Butterfly was done nursing.

Truth is. . .I'm detatched!!  No more IV, compression leg things, blood-oxygen monitor or catheter!  I can now get up when I chosose and move around freely!

Truth is. . .the other reason she was hollering was I attempted to take pictures of her.

Truth is. . .I'm eating crackers!  Solid food! Wow!  I get real food for lunch too!  My teeth aren't quite sure about the crunchiness of it all though.

Truth is. . . Truth is. . .oh I lost my train of thought.  Sorry, husband is here, bye!


Myhouse4nine said…
Happy for the solid foods - good luck!
Laurel said…
Congrats on the crackers and on being detached!
Julianna said…
Yeah for solid food!

And I LOVE your new pic in the side bar!

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