Tutu Tuesday

On Sunday I discovered Shannon's Tot School.
On Monday I went to Walmart and Dollar Tree for supplies.
Today we did our first activities.
For the first activitiy they had to stick pipe cleaners (or chenille stems as they seem to be called now) into the holes of the salt & pepper shaker lids.  I helped Mischief with hers.  She put one in and was ready to move on to the next step.  The next step being to thread the pony beads onto the pipe cleaners.  Both girls did great with it, though Mischief lost interest after about 6 and then just enjoyed playing with the pony beads in the little glass bowls.  Drama Queen however decided to make hers look like a flower by removing some of the pipe cleaners making her able to bend the ends of the remaining four pipe cleaners into the now empty holes and thus creating a flower look.

When the girls decided they were done with threading the beads on the pipe cleaners, I had them return the beads to their bowls and we put the pipe cleaners away.  DQ was then given a pair of tweezers(free from the hospital because the nurse accidently opened a sucture removal kit instead of a staples removal one, so she said we could have what was in the kit since it'd just be thrown away anyways), four small bowls, and a bowl with beads of four colours.  She used the tweezers to pick up a bead (or two when she discovered she could do two at once) and then sort them into the little bowls by colour (btw our little bowls are "tea light holders" from Ikea.  A 12 pack was only $1.99).  Mischief was given seven small bowls to sort her beads by hand into colour groups.  Mischief was not so enthralled with the sorting, but if I held out a bead to her she would put it in the bowl with matching beads.  Both only wanted to do each activity once before asking what craft they could do next.

 I thought DQ would struggle with the tweezer motion, but was delighted to find she needed no help at all.  I then realized that duh the kid can use chopsticks, of course she can do tweezers!

We may do more activities this afternoon, though I had hoped those two would have lasted longer than the 15 to 20 minutes they took (including set up and clean up).  The girls did have fun!  If you have toddlers I recommend you check out that website.  A number of the activities seem too young for DQ and maybe too old for Mischief, but I'm pretty sure they'll enjoy trying them at least once.

And maybe it will help break Mischief of calling all colors pink. . . .though she's now moved on to calling anything she likes or wants "pink-red".  Little weirdo.

Oh, here's Butterfly today.  She slept all day and night yesterday and has decided she has to be awake today.  Like really.  And I have no clue what to do with a newborn for FOUR HOURS, which is how long she's been awake for one stretch so far today.
 We were given some money to get something for Butterfly and I was super excited to be able to go to Ikea and get this play gym that I have wanted since it came out.  She lie to lay parallel to it rather than be under it, that way she can look at it more easily.

And now she's hollering at me again.  Though i don't have the answer either. . .

Oh ya, today we recieved a call from Dempsea's new owners.  Apparently our local animal shelter left his old collar on which had our number and address.  Anyway, they are absolutely loving him.  They have three kids, oldest is a boy who is 8.  And you know he's in the perfect spot because they let him sleep in their bed.  I'm sure he is in HEAVEN with that.  They called to find out about the scar on his back, which we can't explain as it was there when we got him also.


sleepless said…
Glad you and the girls are having fun..and glad Dempse has a new home and hopefully more room !

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