Which sounds better for a birthday?

07/13/11 or 07/09/11?

Cause I really think the 9th sounds like a much better day.  And so much easier to remember as it is 7-9-11.
Of course we can look on the other side of it being that the 13th gives us 8 days to finish getting ready.  I still haven't washed all the crib and bassinet stuff or the baby clothes.  I don't really have all my photography stuff organized (need to make some back drops).  Still need to put her name up on the wall above her crib (vinyl lettering).  Anyway, I'm going to go get started on that now. Baby laundry here I come!


Trishgoger said…
She'll have "9/11" in her birthday. Easy to remember, unless you don't want that stigma, also, sounds better I think. :)
Us Brits (and I recognize that is not much of a reference) always show our dates by day -month - year. So according to us, she is 9th July 2011 .... 9 - 7 - 11. I think thats a pretty cool date dont you?

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