I rather love dolls.  If I had lots of money I'd have.....well the girls would have overflowing closets, but also......a large doll collection.
Drama Queen left her "Baby Jo" at the library, they went back to look for it, but it was gone, so I hopped online to hunt for a new Huggums doll to replace it.  And by new I totally mean used on ebay.  Unfortunately there's only one used that has plastic hands and feet like hers did.  Fortunately it's fairly cheap right now and will be ending tomorrow afternoon/evening.  One other person has a bid on it, and as the doll is naked, I'm not going over $18 since you can get a new clothed one on Amazon for $30.
Yes, she has never really been a doll loving child, but this is the doll from Grandma Jo that all her girl cousins on that side of the family have.  Mischief has one.  Hazel has one.
And so Baby Jo will be replaced.  If only this had happened 3 weeks ago.  There were a ton of them on ebay and one even had a big lot of clothes with it.  Oh well.  Maybe this is why I had the desire to look up Huggums on ebay though each girl had one already.  that's what I get for not completely paying attention to promptings!

In other doll news, looking up dolls brought me to discover Elisabeth Pongratz dolls
So simple and gorgeous and I'll never own one as one costs about what we make in a four month period.  


Laurel said…
Those dolls look sad to me!
sleepless said…
Holly Hobie look..

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