Drama Queen and I made chocolate chip cookies.
Mr. Man mowed the lawn.
Mischief screamed and cried and threw fits.
I vacuumed the rug and brought it inside.
Got Hazel added to Medicaid, she has her newborn check in an hour and a half.
Drama Queen helped pick up some of the toys.
Mischief figured out that I took the toddler knobs off the bedroom door and refuses to stay in for a much needed nap.
Drama Queen and Mischief are going to watch Harry Potter 1 now.
I'm going to get cookies out of the oven.
Eww.  Mischief is having another goat pellet day.


sleepless said…
goat pellet= needs more fiber in her diet.
sleepless said…
Yay, the rug is vacuumed !! I hope you didn't over do !
Julianna said…
I remember the toddler knobs.

The only person they kept out of a room was me. :)

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