Drama Queen and Mischief had a sleep over at Aunt Tawnya's last night.  Hazel decided to be a little angel and did NOT do her two to three hours of screaming last night.  She got a little bit fussy around 10pm, then I nursed her and wrapped her up and put her in the swing, closed the bedroom door and tried to go to sleep.  She didn't scream but I was having trouble falling to sleep. Mr. Man got home 20 min later and said that Hazel was asleep. Woo hoo!  She woke up again around 11pm but nursed and went right back to sleep.  So any struggling I had with sleep last night was not her fault.  One of the keys to her sleeping happily is to break the "rule" and let her sleep on her tummy.  As Mr. Man says, Oh come on, they change the rules every few years anyway!  And it's true, they used to say you're supposed to put baby on their tummy to sleep, that baby sleeping on her back could result in the baby choking on spit up.  I check on her frequently.  She also likes sleeping on her side.

I'm waiting for the dishwasher to finish washing so I can get out the blender cup and make me a soy protien shake for breakfast.  I was struggling drinking any plant "milk" and my teeth were feeling the lack of calcium in my life.  So now, I buy the chocolate flavored ones and I blend 12oz with frozen fruit and a little bit of soy protein powder.  It's super delicious like a milk shake and I get half my calcium.

I just sewed DQ's brown corduroy pants finally.  Waiting on the waistband and hemming until she's here to try them on though.

I feel bad for Josh Powell.  Innocent until proven guilty is such a joke.  The public have already decided he has something to do with Susan's disappearance.  (sorry, all our tv channels are taken over by the Susan Powell case as we are "awaiting police news conference at 10am".  If he did do something to cause her disappearance, then yes, justice needs to be done.  But until then, why is the media encouraging speculation on everything the poor guy says, sure he was/is a person of interest - spouses always are, but he has not been charged with anything, there has been no evidence against him found, there's no trial saying he did something to her.  And the press conference tells us nothing other than they are going to be searching areas in Ely Nevada.  All that wait for nothing we didn't figure out to begin with.  The Sgt. says the press conference is their way of "including the media" though they can't tell us where they are searching or what they are searching for. and yes I know I just ended two sentences improperly.  The cop tried to make a funny.  No one laughed.  They all seem a bit irritated that they drove all the way out to Nevada for really nothing they could have learned simply through the original release to the media.

A few days ago I pondered doing an entire post on WinCo.  WinCo is a grocery store that exists in Washington, Idaho, Nevada, California, Oregon, and now Utah.  It is a wonderful place.  They do not have a store card.  They have a bulk foods section where you can get everything from candy to grains and flour in whatever amount you want.  Majority of their prices are lower than any other grocery store.  Their bakery stuff is really quite good (I love their cranberry orange scones).  And at the beginning of the week I discovered. . .they have wood toys!!  We now have three wooden cars with people.  Of course they've been taken away until I can sand the crayon off them.  We had to have  discussion that all wood toys are NOT for the girls decorating joy.  We had a few peg people that I let the girls paint when Namma was here.  Then caught the girls using crayons on the new cars and people (thankfully only one car and two people).  So I explained that yes, they got to decorate some before but these were not to have that done to them.  And so all the new wood toys have been taken away until further notice (aka my sanding of their lovely drawings - butterflies on the car, they people I'll save for them when they are parents themselves, and getting some beeswax to polish them with so the girls aren't just seeing raw wood ripe for some art medium.)

The girls have already started their christmas lists.  DQ has a duck floatie ring, a pony with a paintbrush design (my little pony), and one other random thing.  Mischief wants a "choo choo".  I think WinCo had one similar to the one she has been pointing out in a catalog, so I'll go get it.  And the wood toys at WinCo are made in Oregon, makes me love them even more, not made in china!

Yesterday Hazel was fussing in her bouncy chair and the girls took it upon themselves to make her happy, they were successful!
Do you see how massive she is?  She's darling, but really, she's in 3 month clothes comfortably.  When I choose to put her in something size 0-3 months, it looks like it's been plastered on her.  Mischief LOVES holding her, but it's a very awkward thing to do since Hazel is more than half her size.
And to close this post a picture that shows Hazel's latest favorite activity:


sleepless said…
You are just so used to the little tiny M. ! They are building a Winco in Temecula..30 something miles a way..but occasionally I will have to go stock up. I agree with you on that store !! much closer than Pomona !
Laurel said…
I love the bulk section at Winco. We buy popcorn there. And make our own trail mix.

Good job girls for helping! Things will get easier as the big girls' ability to entertain the baby increases.
jacque said…
This is the 1st time ever I have used a blog or facebook to communicate with anyone, so bear with me. I wanted to express my gratitude to you for being married to my son. I admire the gift you have in communicating your love to him and your children. The other day I asked your husband where your children got there challenging and willful ways. With a gleem in his eye and a smile he responded with " They get it from me Dad don't you remember". Yes I remember and I am thankful because of the lessons I learned from him. I am still learning and if by learning I have said or done anything to offend or hurt you I appoligize and am willing to do what ever is nessary to make amends. I love you Grand Dad

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