Have you ever noticed that all cooking temperatures go by 25s?  275, 350, 425, etc?  What's up with that? I'm pretty sure the women who came up with the recipes in their wood burning stoves didn't think 'Hmmm, that feels like it's exactly 325 degrees.  Perfect!'  No, it was hot, medium, low, something like that.  I don't feel like hunting out my ancient copy of Joy of Cooking to see if it goes by that or temperature readings.
I've gotten rebellious.  When I'm baking chicken or well anything that isn't a baked good (i.e. bread, cookies, cake) I switch it up a little, not by much because I feed my family burnt offerings often enough just following a recipe exactlly.  Instead of 350, I'll do 355.  Though if I'm roasting potatoes, I go all out and do something crazy like 385.  Is that insane or what?  I know, I'm just a risk taker, a thrill seeker!  Who knows what I'll do next.  Maybe I'll clean the microwave MORE than once a week. Or by golly, I could even get dangerous and get rid of any knick knacks on the shelf so instead of dusting little fru-fru statuettes, I'll just have a shelf to wipe off!  Or I could get rid of the shelf all together!  HAHA!

This post has been brought to you by a mother who's newborn wanted to be up until 2am and then would not sleep unless her head was resting on mom's warm squishy milk scented pillows.

The end.


sleepless said…
Quite logical thinking ...
Myhouse4nine said…
you wild and crazy thrill seeker :)
oh Abigail you do make me laugh!

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