Hazel Mae was not the nicest to sleep with last night.  Restless and wakeful and raunchy.  Either she doesn't like eggs or something cause she threw up this morning, I don't know what's the cause behind that one.  I hadn't eaten breakfast yet, last night I had eggs with spam and zucchini for dinner and then snacked on licorice and potato chips, so something there must not have agreed with her.  Or playing with her after feeding to keep her awake disagreed with her tummy.  Babies are a world of guessing.
I'm trying to keep her awake for at least three hours over the course of the day in an attempt to get her to sleep better at night.  She doesn't ever want to nurse at night, so she's not waking because she's hungry.  She's congested, she has been since birth, and that's a factor.  Makes her a noisy sleeper as well.  I think tonight I'll put her to bed in the swing or bounce chair as sleeping somewhat upright makes it easier for her to breathe.

It's Saturday.  There's nothing on TV on Saturdays.  Baah.
Mr. Man and the girls come home today!  They've been camping up in Idaho with Mr. Man's family.  Hence why it's been me and Hazel the last few days.  I've enjoyed the break.  More than I probably should!  It's nice to be able to sleep whenever and not have demands on me constantly throughout the day.

Hazel was fussy and had been awake for 45 minutes so I wrapped her up and put her in her crib.  That was half an hour ago and she's been fussing off and on the whole time.  I'll see if the swing will work.  I'm ready for a nap and haven't done anything but hold, play with, and feed her, how can I be this tired?!

Update: she nursed and is now asleep in the swing.  I'm going to put the couch slip cover into the wash and then eat some breakfast and read some more of my book.  The plan after that is to get the toy area cleaned up like I told Mr. Man I would.  That of course was before I knew it'd take a half hour per strip of wallpaper.  I think the other wall can wait until next week to be papered, don't you?  Oh and I decided I will share pictures already because I found a memory card for the camera (the couch had eaten this one.  If only I  knew where the one I normal use is though!)  and I need praise for the work I did.  Yep, I'm pathetic like that.
To give an idea of the before, here's the wall that has yet to be wallpapered:
 And here's the wall I got done:
Once it's all papered, the next step will be to paint the lower part and the beams with Kilz, followed by a semi-gloss white and putting up a chair rail with liquid nails.


Lucky you, Sam won't let me paint in the living room, cuz he says that means he has to paint it back when we move. I hate boring walls. But it does take SO much time! Good luck with the rest!
AbigailDawn said…
Well it helps that we're not in a rental. Jordan wouldn't let me do anything with the walls in any of te apartments we lived in. Though you could starch up some fabric, it will peel off super easy when you move and then all you have to do is wash the wall. Just a suggestion!
sleepless said…
Beautiful blue color..it looks REAL NICE ! You did good !
Myhouse4nine said…
I can picture this and thinks it will be super terrific! I like what you have done already! Love your creative mind Abby!
Kira =] said…
Looks Great!! SAHMs need brain stroking. Its the few adult interactions we get everyday from outside people. Lets us know we are intelligent and crafty women! We can do more than stop fights, run time outs, change diapers, and clean up vomit. So yes, You are absolutely fabulous!! And hurray for willing to work with wallpaper! I am too afraid to mess with it.

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