Hazel Mae's umbilical cord came off on Wednesday.  That was also the day of her newborn check up (3 week check up cause I'm a week behind on her life).  She now weighs 9 pounds 7 ounces and is 21.5 inches long.  That's right, she's grown an inch and a half and gained over two pounds!  She doesn't tolerate my having even the slightest bit of milk.  With Ava I could at least have the slightest bit of cheese or ice cream or cream cheese.  Not so with Miss Hazel Mae.  There's something else that doesn't agree with her as well, I've ruled out chocolate as the culprit, so now it's down to peanut butter, spicy food or guarana/taurine (in energy drinks).  I'll test out spicy food next week, but the other two I will cut out all together.  I prefer to not smell like curtled breast milk.

Mischief had her two year old well check yesterday (I'm only a little over 2 months behind. . .).  The pediatrician is concerned about the rash on Mischief's bum.  It's still not clearing up.  She pulled out medical text books to show me rashes that look similar, and I learned that hydrocortisone is a steroid cream (how the heck was I supposed to know that?!)  and that you should never put a steroid cream on a yeast infection (which Mischief also has), it makes it worse.  We'll be getting two prescriptions for her, one is a cream to combat the yeast infection, and the other an oral antibiotic because she's pretty sure Mischief's mystery rash is infected.  When Mr. Man went to get the prescriptions yesterday evening, Target said they hadn't recieved them so if they're still not there Monday I'll call the Ped. office and get that fixed.  I also need to request a prescription of a cream she wants me to use on Mischief again, I thought we still had it but can not find it.  Oh I just thought of where it may be.  We'll see.
The pediatrician also asked how I'd feel about doing lab work on Mischief.  I agreed.  We want to rule out there being some other factor resulting in her lack of growth.  Since November 2010 she has only gained 2 pounds and grown one inch.  So Mischief will be treated to frozen yogurt this coming week after being tortured (that's my opinion of a blood draw!)  I suppose it's not really torture, since I don't recall any medical stuff from when I was her age and had pneumonia alot.  We also got a note to give to WIC to get Pediasure.  Enough for 3 bottles a day.  Woo hoo!
Mischief wanted to have nothing to do with the nurse or doctor.  She didn't scream too much when being weighed and measured, but when the doctor came in, she would have none of it.  Even with the promise of gummy bears.  But being a pediatrician's office, they know how to get kids to cooperate.  In came a no-spill bucket of bubbles.  Mischief was up for anything after that.  Got all checked out, sat on the exam table while having her rash discussed, and when the nurse came in with a syringe, she was just interested and "ooooooo"ing over what fun thing might happen next.  The nurse told her the syringe would give her a little poke.  We got her laid down, I held her hands, and her Hep. A vaccine was administered.  The expression on her face had me cracking up, and the entire office heard her shriek.  Bandaid was put on, she was sat up and looked at the nurse to declare "That hurting!"  Apparently the nurse thought that was as hilarious as I did because she went out and told the other nurses.  Mischief was just so shocked!  She told me a few more times that it hurt and then was over it as a troupe of nurses took her down the hall for stickers.

My incision is healed, with the exception of one small spot that is still scabbed over a bit.

Mischief and I picked some beans, peas, a cucumber and two carrots from the garden last night.  Mischief told me it was all "eating" and insisted that she get to eat it. I gave her half the bounty: three beans, two pea pods, and one carrot.  She proceeded to chew up the beans and peas and spit them back out once thoroughly chewed.  The carrot though she did eat about half of, which impressed me since she hasn't really been willing to eat raw carrots before.  She thought it was hilarious that the carrots had leaves and we used them as ticklers.

Drama Queen has been doing "swim lessons" with Mr. Man.  They got some books and movies from the library and have been working on getting her more comfortable and braver in the water.  We got her some goggles as a bribe at the beginning of the year and she LOVES them.  She's willing to hold her breath and go underwater thanks to them.  I'm glad she's getting used to goggles now.  I hate goggles.  I always feel like they're either going to leak or suck my eyeballs out.

This morning the girls wanted to play outside, and I was actually dressed for once (it's getting colder during the nights, love it!) so I sat on the porch while they played in the sandbox and then the sprinkler.  We had ham and cheese sandwiches for lunch with a side of sliced cucumber which the neighbor grew.  I got rice "cheese" slices and they're not too bad. They don't melt, but they did give a slight cheesy flavor to my sandwich.

I'm working on getting Hazel used to sleeping in her crib.  She fell almost asleep while nursing as usual last night and I put her in the crib which promptly woke her up and it took an hour to get her back to sleep.  I put her back in the crib and she stayed asleep, I'm not sure how long though since in the morning she was in bed with me, and I recall nursing her once in the night, but I don't have any recollection of getting her out of the crib.
She cried it out for the first time this morning for one of her naps.  Was about 10 minutes of crying before she finally went to sleep in her crib.  She's sleeping in the swing now though.  I didn't want to make her cry it out again today.  I always feel bad because I know she'd be perfectly happy and sleep if she were held.  

Mischief is back in cloth diapers now. We used the last disposible her size this morning.  I was happy to find diaper pins at Walmart last week since we've gone back to the basics of flat folds.  I just like folding them I guess.  And they dry real fast.  And I like our wool covers.  Two are from my cousin and two I got on ebay this past spring, some gal in Canada knits them for a reasonable price.

I'm on the wrong computer for uploading pictures right now (it's the desktop and it's card reader has been finicky lately, I'll have to restart it to get the card reader running again) so here are some old pictures newly edited:


Laurel said…
I'm glad that you are almost healed!
sleepless said…
I loved reading all about your lives !! I am glad M is finally getting some help !! I miss you guys, so reading what is going on really helps alot..thanks !! mama loves you ! And, of course the photos are awesome !

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