As a kid, my idea of cleaning my room was stuffing it all somewhere.  Under the bed, in the closet, under the dresser, in drawers, behind the bed, etc.
Okay, not much has changed, I'm working on that!
Unfortunately, Drama Queen has picked up on that sort of "how to clean".
I was cleaning their room this morning and discovered a stash of stuff in the closet.  Under the bed.  Behind the dresser.  The closet and bed didn't phase me.....the dresser was a whole different story.  What do we have here?
 Books, bows, socks, a shoe, and.......used pull-ups?!
Oh yes.  Used pull-ups.  No wonder their room kept smelling like urine despite my keeping up on their dirty clothes and changing the sheets.  And you only see two pull-ups in that picture.  It was like an "But wait, there's more!" infomercial.  "You get not one, not two, not even three, but SEVEN used pull-ups!"

NASTY.  I think the girls room is going to get it's own trash can now. . . . I'll even let her pick it out, and maybe decorate it with stickers or something to make it more enticing to get pull-ups into the trash rather than stuffed somewhere to rot.  What a lovely Sunday morning surprise!


Julianna said…
My cousins daughter was "hoarding" old pudding containers and candy bar wrappers. (like 40 to 50 of each)

In the hope chest UNDER the clean WHITE table linens and on top of the good china.

Yeah. That was a special smell...
Kira =] said…
Great idea to let her decorate it!!! We even used old cds to decorate a trash can one time. Love the shiny!

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