Light Blue

I just scheduled our family picture appointment with Fotofly.  It will be in October when Hazel is 3 months old and so hopefully more interaction.  That will also hopefully give me a month and a half to lose weight.

I'm trying to decide what we'll wear for pictures.  Mr. Man wants us in light blue the color of his and Mischief's eyes.  So I'm planning on something along those lines.  Of course I can't just go with plain blue shirts and jeans.  No way.  So I'm browsing around for creative ideas.  Mainly what I should make for the girls.

The way Fotofly works is that you pay $79 for a 45 minute session and they give you a CD with your pictures and you can print them how you please.

Just finished this dress.  It was supposed to be more of a tunic top for Mischief.  Not the end result.  It will fit her like a baggy dress and likely may end up for sell or as a top for Drama Queen.

I'm going to add ties and see if that helps.  Still longer than I would like!  We'll see how it looks on her tomorrow.


Julianna said…
That's adorible!

I am not as bold as you with the color/pattern combinations.


And I'm sure it will perfect!
sleepless said…
I raised 5 kids sleeping on their stomachs and they are just fine !!
this wouldn't post on your other computer has issues.
Aimee said…
Oh how exciting family photos :) I wish you lived closer I would LOVE to take family photos of you guys. If you ever wander back out this way...

Oh I LOVE LOVE LOVE this dress. Again wish you lived closer so you can teach me how to sew. Or if I had kids I would so want you to sew them a dress like that :)

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